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Greek Power Metal Gods Minuetum signed a deal with Metalfighters Records

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Date: Jul 14, 2008 - 03:33 PM
Minuetumís first full-length album will be released in July 2008.

A furious power metal thunderstorm is on the way!

For more information and music sample please visit: www.metalfighters.com


Symphonic power metal music made in Greece, catchy and heavy at same time? Yes, it may happen. Dimitris Melidis and Dimitris Zaharopoulos formed MINUETUM on early 2007. Melidis (keyboards, composer), being influenced by artists like Andre Andersen (Royal Hunt) and Jens Johansson (Stratovarius) set the musical image of MINUETUM to catchy heavy metal music, fully supported by neoclassical arrangements, symphonic elements and epic melodies, with many keyboards and guitar solos. Zaharopoulos (vocals) offered an emotional singing on the vocal area of the band, with a voice that reaches succesfully both mid and high notes. The two founders of the band worked on the first tracks (all music written by Melidis and all lyrics by Zaharopoulos) and their work resulted to the songs "Finally Free", "Into the Nightí, "The Ghost King", "Key to Glory" and "Hero Divine", which ended out as the first demo of the band ("Minuetum" demo) released with the first line up on the summer of 2007.

After that demo the guitarist and drummer were asked to leave the band and the duet decided to re-record all the tracks of "Minuetum" demo with a new line up. At that moment two new members entered the band: John Manopoulos (guitars) and John Roussis (drums). It was time for the last addition to the bandís line up: Christopher Karras joined Minuetum and became the first bassist on the bandís history. All five guys entered the studio and re-recorded all the tracks of the debut demo. The result was "Glass Scenery" demo EP which saw the light of day on September 17, 2007. That demo ep was accepted warmly both by fans and press. Also, on METAL HAMMER Greece it scored 8 out of 10 points on a double review that was made on the "Greek Sceneí section of its pages by two editors (one of Metal Hammer and another outside of the magazine). John Roussis (drums) left the band due to musical differences and at January 2008. Since then, the session players stand behind the bandís drum kit.

And finally, at the middle of April 2008 MINUETUM signed a record deal with the greek record label Metalfighters, which will release the bandís debut cd due to be out in July 2008. Fans of pure melodic power metal prepare yourselves for a thrilling metal album, which combines melody and power at their finest!

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