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Interview For Gate Of Lions Site

Masterplan is the new super band featuring Grapow, Lande and Kusch among the members. And Roland ensures that it's not kind of a project, but a normal band instead. Their single "Enlighten Me" opened a glorious way for the full self-titled album that stroke the CD stores on January 20th. The interview is very short, so you have another reason to read through, hehe.

Hi Roland, welcome to Gate Of Lions and thanks for your time. First of all, congratulations on the new album, sounds awesome. What lots of people want to know, is Masterplan a full time band or a side project?
A band, that is for sure. Jorn also signed our record deal with AFM.

How did Masterplan came about and who is the main force behind the band?
After the Helloween split we formed the band and we all try to reach a lot with our new band, it is our future.

Will Masterplan be playing on any festivals this Summer?
Bang Your Head for sure, Wacken maybe and Bloodrock in England maybe.

I must say that your guitar playing sounds so fresh on this album. Was your guitar playing restricted in Helloween?
No, I just changed a lot and took care of my sound more than in Helloween. I want to play nice melodic solos and aggressive and tasty rhythm parts.

Who composed most of the songs in Masterplan?
Uli and I did the music, Jorn and I did the vocal melodies and the lyrics.

Why did you decide to include a cover song from Led Zeppelin?
Just for fun and to be on a spanish tribute album.

I love Jorn Lande's voice. How did you secure such a talented vocalist?
We love him too, he knows that he can trust us and we will have a nice future together.

Is Jorn Lande still going to do his solo albums or is he 100% focused on Masterplan?
He is 100% focused on Masterplan, but also still doing his solo albums.

Which bands do you admire and why?
Rammstein, Stratovarius and many more...

I think AFM Records is doing a good thing with Masterplan. Are you happy with the way the label is promoting you?
I'm really happy, they are doing a fantastic job.

So what does Roland Grapow do to relax?
Walking with my dogs or riding a bike... With my dogs. I guess I need holidays a lot. I didn't have them for three years.

I live in Australia. Any plans of coming down here? Edguy did last year and had a blast, haha. [Lionlord asking] What about Greece?
We would really like to play in Australia, I never did... Greece would be also nice, but no plans so far.

Which are your ambitions as a musician?
I want to make the fans happy, enjoying my playing, performance and songs.

Thanks again and I wish you the best of luck. To end the interview you could give a title to the interview or say a word of wisdom, or anything you like!
Thanks again. We are all the same, so respect is the key. Bye, Roland.

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