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Interview For Rock Online Site (May 1999)
Translated By Marcelo Hashimoto

Why did you have the idea of creating the Roland Grapow's Band?
Because I wanted to play my new solo album "Kaleidoscope" live, and for that I needed a good band for this project. Besides, I've always been a fan of Mike Terrana and Barry Sparks.

Your first album, "The Four Seasons Of Life", had on the line-up two members of Helloween. Why did you change that?
First because I realized, after some time, that my first solo album sounded too much like Helloween, which is not good for a paralell project. The other reason is because Markus and Uli couldn't go on tour with my project.

On this same album, you also sing. Do you like singing?
I love singing, but it's really hard to sing and play guitar at the same time on melodic songs. And I think my voice is not so good as Mike Vescera's. I love his voice.

It's hard to keep working on both bands?
Actually, not. It's really easy to work with my solo band, they are really professional, and Helloween is having a break on this summer. So there's no problem at all.

How's the tour with Gamma Ray going?
It's really fun. The reaction from the fans is being very good. They loved the idea of we playing together with Gamma Ray and we are very well treated. I'm really proud and they love our gigs. It was about time to show everyone that there's no problem between Helloween and Gamma Ray anymore, because we're all friends now.

You have been on Brazil before, with Helloween. What did you think about the brazilian fans?
They are great. It's always good coming back to Brazil. We have a huge popularity here and I've made some good friends on Brazil. I'm not kidding, it's true!

Would you like to say something to the brazilian fans?
I'm sorry that we'll only play one gig on Brazil. I would like to play more times. I hope you enjoy my new album, because I'm very proud with it and with the show we'll do at São Paulo. Check my homepage made by a brazilian: http://www.roland-grapow.cjb.net/. See ya!

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