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Interview For Rag Doll's Metal Industry Site (05/25/01)
By Dead Ripper

Following the official part of the news conference, we were given ten minutes to take pictures, get our stuff signed and just speak to the musicians in the informal background. And while most of us were busy with the first two options, Dead Ripper chose the third one. Here's what Roland Grapow told him.

Hello Roland, nice to meet you here in Russia!
Hello! My pleasure too.

Will the Rampage albums ever be reissued?
I don't think so. Well, actually they may be reissued but I doubt it.

How did you join Helloween?
Weiki called me and offered to join the band. I did [Laughs].

After you left Rampage you didn't play anywhere before you joined Helloween?
No, I did. I played in local bands and stuff like that. They never made it anyway.

When will your next solo album be released?
I don't know, maybe in the end of this year but I guess it will be the beginning of 2002.

Who will be the singer on the album?
Russel Allen from Symphony X. Uli [Kusch] will also be on the album.

Really? Great news! And you won't involve Michael Vescera anymore, will you? What's the reason for it?
Well, I think he's too busy now, he's got a lot of projects.

Your bandmates Markus Grosskopf and Andi Deris participated in the projects like Avantasia and Ayreon. Do you have any similar plans?
No, I don't think so. I'm pretty much involved with Helloween and my solo career. Also I'm going to play on the solo album of Stratovarius' singer Timo Kotipelto and that's all so far.

I know that Michael Kiske is your friend. What does he do now?
As far as I know he's recording a new album, should be out in September.

Any plans to cooperate with him on that album?
No, none right now. Anyway, who knows...

Thanx a lot. Wish you luck!
Thank you! Bye!

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