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Chat For Rock Online Site (06/12/01)
Translated By Marcelo Hashimoto

The text below is translated from the exact way the chatters typed their questions and answers.

Hello everyone, it's Rolando and Michael here.

Which will probably the setlist for the concerts?
People can check on the site what has been played on the other concerts. There won't be many surprises.

Where's Andi Deris?
In the hotel. All the rest of the band is in the hotel.

Will you be at Manifesto Bar tonight?
We will be at the bar, but we'll go there to have fun. The autographs will be given after the concert. That way, we can see everyone, talk to our friends...

Like many others, I'm a guitarist... What's on your heads when you're playing to a unique crowd like the brazilian one?
Here in Brazil, people have a unique excitement. We have a lot of fun.

The band intend to play old classics like "I Want Out"?
Yes, we will sure play the classics on this concert.

Will you make any promo video from this new album "The Dark Ride"?
We only did "If I Could Fly", we don't want to do others at the moment.

Hey Grapow, will you release another solo CD with Vescera on vocals?
No, because I've already make two albums on that style and in the future I want to do something more progressive.

I'm listening to Hey Lord!

Ok, thank you! How do I make to get an autograph from you?
The better is to do it after the concert. Even so, we're not sure if we'll be able to do it. But anyway, write to our fan club: http://www.helloween.org/. You have the address of the fan club on our website.

How about Weiki, does he intend to release something solo?
I have plans for one, but not at the moment. I want to do a good job.

What's the hardest thing when recording an album?
The hardest thing is that sometimes you have demos with very good ideas, but when they are mixed up is much worse.

How was recording with Roy Z producing? What kind of contribution did he gave to the sound of the band?
He had good ideas, like some sonorizations, and Roland wants to keep him for his next solo album.

Do you like Angra?
Yes. Sometimes we feel that they have a kind of a nervous music, but very good.

I like you guys very much. I would like to know, no joke, which drugs do you like to use.
I (Michael) was used to hash several years ago, but today nobody uses drugs on the band, just some beers.

How do you feel being members of one of the bands who most influence other bands nowadays?
We don't see that today. There are many small bands in Hamburg that say they won't play at specific places, and Helloween is not like that, we go to all the places. We don't go to parties and expect people to be admiring us.

Which styles do you like beside heavy metal?
Classical music, pop, progressive, a bit of jazz. We don't like regional songs.

Is there any possibility for us to see Helloween, Gamma Ray and Michael Kiske sharing one stage?
We played with Gamma Ray several times. Everything is possible, we do believe on that now...

Do you have any plans to record a live album in Brazil?
Not at the moment, but someday this might happen. Maybe in about three years. It will be called "Silence Brazil".

In your opinion, which is the best place to play concerts?
In Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Espanha, Japão... Everywhere is cool, but they are different from each other. Even in New York we have a wild crowd, but it's different.

Any surprises? Like partnerships on stage? Or guests?
André Matos gave me his phone number today and maybe he wants to join us on the stage. Anyway, we would ask him right now if he wants to join us on stage.

Do you like the tribute CD that was made for you?
Yes, we like it a appreciate it very much, but it was too early for us to receive a tribute.

Do you like Rammstein, another german band that opened for Kiss here last year?
Yes, we like it. Roland has two CDs from them. It's interesting if you know german, because they do a lot of wordplay.

If the tickets are sold out before time, do you intend to do an extra concert?
We'll have an extra concert on June 19, at Via Funchal.

What did you like more in Brazil?
The thing we like more in Brazil is how people are very natural, and even though we know only a few people, we feel like home. In Germany it used to be a lot this way, but on the 70's this was lost, and still happens in Brazil. We hope you'll have a lot of fun when we're together. It's a shame that we don't have much time, we would like to spend some more with the fans, check the band schedule. I see you all at the concert, which will be a rock 'n' roll concert, a great party. We know you'll sing.

Rock Online and UOL thank the presence of the band Helloween and all the chatters! Good night!

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