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Interview For Michael Kiske Fansite Site (11/03/02)
By LifH

Here is my little interview with Roland Grapow.

On tour with Masterplan will you play Helloween songs?
Yes, we will play some Helloween songs, but only songs that Uli and I have wrote.

Who was your first choice for the singer when Masterplan was created?
Before we created Masterplan, we had Russell Allen in mind, but we needed our own singer, who doesn't belong to another band, so Jorn was the right choice.

Why have you invited Michael Kiske? How is your relationship with Michael now? Is it diferent from 93, when he left Helloween?
Now we got a good relationship. I still love his singing and I wanted to show people on out album that all problems between us are gone now.

How did you know Jorn Lande?
I didn't know Jorn personally before, just from the Ark albums and his great solo album "Worldchanger". The record label gave me his e-mail address.

You are a guest in a lot of projects. Do you like appearing in so many albums?
It was always a friendship thing to play on these albums, but I don't have so much time anymore.

Who is the most important songwriter in Masterplan?
Uli, me and Jorn! We are a great team, but the other guys will be writing songs as well in the future.

What is your opinion about music today? What are your favourite bands?
I still like older classic heavy metal, but I also love new influences from different styles, I'm open-minded. I guess quality is the most important goal, mixed with nice melodies. A pop song could achieve that. I love many bands, too many to mention in a short term.

Thanks a lot! Keep working!
Thanks as well, all the best. Yours, Roland.

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