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Interview For Www.RafaBasa.Com Site (01/22/03)
By Rafa Basa
Translated By Marcelo Hashimoto

The leader and guitarist from Masterplan, Roland Grapow, does a honest interview, recognizing the real reasons for his departure from Helloween, stating that he's completely happy with his new band, specially with the singer Jorn Lande, surprise us with an ambitious and surprising project, talks about Michael Kiske and other interesting subjects...

On his statements, made on a bus through Madrid, Roland appears to be very satisfied with the present situation. He finally feels completely integrated to a group, along with Uli and Jorn, unlike with his former band. He tells us what happened to Russell Allen, the keyboardist from Children Of Bodom Janne Wirman, Michael Kiske, and explains very carefully how he left Helloween. The future includes a second Masterplan album and a paralell project along with...

To listen to the interview...

Roland Grapow And Rafa Basa:
Sound Clip

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