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Interview For Kaleidoscope Of Life Site (06/18/03)
By Saki Shinohara

We are really looking forward to come to Japan. First time with Masterplan, wow, exciting. I'm really happy to show Axel, Jan and Jorn how interesting Japan and its people are.

How have you been recently?
We are doing very well right now. After a two-month break and still doing a lot of interviews, we played last weekend at the Sweden Rock Festival. Fifteen thousand people saw us and it was amazing.

You have some shows at festivals in Summer. You already did some of them. How were them and how was the reaction of the audience?
I answered that one already, sorry. We still play nearly every weekend at a festival in Europe, all the big ones. Have a look on the homepage http://www.master-plan.net/. In August, after Japan, we'll do some shows in Russia and maybe South America this year.

Could you give us messages to your fans who:
1) Look forward to your show.

Oh my God, we are so excited to see you again and to play in Japan. It should be a warm and beautiful show. I hope you will like it. You will see how we enjoy it as well.

2) Can not come to your show.
You must be very sad, haha. I hope next time.

3) Are thinking if will come to your show or not (Living far from Osaka, having money problems, etc.).
The money is important, but Masterplan live is more important... You never know when you'll see us next time. Right now we are rolling, haha.

Is there something planned, like a fan meeting, autograph session or interview on the upcoming Japan tour?
As far as I know, there are a lot of plans from our label. We are recording the shows for Masa Itou's TV Show and also for radio, and we're also trying to meet fans as much as possible.

If possible, please send a message to the japanese fans from the other members of Masterpan. Some setlist as well, please.
From other members of Masterplan? I'm sitting alone here, haha. Setlist, no, no, you should be surprised. We're still thinking about it, what we'll do specially for the Japan shows.

This is all for this time. Thanks for reading and hope you write me back as soon as possible! Best regards.
Thanks a lot also. Yours, Roland.

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