This conversation took place December 3, 1996. It went from about midnight 'til 2AM CST. It was started by Jean-Francois Millete and Weikath, and was joined by Nicholas Ng, someone whose handle was Messatsu, and I. Oh yeah, and it ruled. I did my best to keep a log, but I got there a little after it started, and I missed some here and there too. I finally had the time to go back and edit it and condense all the interesting stuff. Statements made by Weikath are headed by his name, and statements made by anyone else are headed by a Q). Comments by me during editing are marked [like this]. There's a lot of great stuff here, so read on and enjoy!

Q)What kind of stuff is Castle releasing for fans in the U.S.?

Weikath)PBGA and Chameleon is out on Castle,and for videos I told them wots goin at the board.I keep telling them to release the video,but as modern guys you're better off to order it in Japan,it's japanese NTSC an should work...

Q)You always seem to say terrible stuff about Chameleon, and to a lesser extent, Pink Bubbles. Do you truly hate the music you guys made on those albums?

Weikath)I don't really dislike the records but I had nothing to say by then and to be honest,guys,the records didn't help our carreer yet.It was such a baaaad time with so many fights inside the fun AND Iguess one can tell from the tracks.

Q)Will you do another intro like in Master of the rings.... Really good intro. I like Irritation...especially the sudden rise in volume.

Weikath)JF we sure will do another intro,maybe not next time. The volume jump in irritation was my idea to give myself goose...I still think I forgot timpanis at the end of that track..shit...

Q)Uli was a good choice...i loved him on Sigh no More (I don't really love Gamma Ray but that album was the best of them, even though the people thinks it's the baddest ) How did you come up with him ?

Weikath) I also like Sigh best...we called Uli up.It was Andi's idea (see?)

Q) So where's Tommy Newton now?Is Tommy Hansen related to Kai Hansen?

Weikath) The Hansens are NOT related,even didn't go along too well,or he would have produced GR,see?Tommy Newton I think did the recent Victory album,but I heard not a lot people don't like him anymore. There's rumours(possibly true cos I overheard some things)that Newton talked Kai out of the Helloween business.That added to me not being too green with Kai and finally he left.Kai also didn't like Kiske by that's TRUE.

Q) What was the song you wrote that made you the proudest ? I should say Eagle Fly Free. (and Kings)

Weikath) JF,that's it.But I'm also proud of Secret Alibi and How Many Tears.Did you know that in Europe NO ONE liked Tears when it came out?People even laughed about me...

Q) If Markus doesn't get a track on the next album, I'm gonna kill someone! I simply love every song he's ever written, but the poor guy's always being pushed onto a b-side somewhere.

Weikath) When Markus comes up with a very ACTUAL track,we put it on. Actual means being up to date to what it needs to make a brilliant record.We have nothing against Markus,so far he is The ing Of B-Sides,but his tracks GOT to have a little more edge in the future.Mostly they are Very american if you know what I mean and we never felt that overly suitable mostly... Neil, that`s not to insult Markus!I just try to be plain here.

Q) Hambourgeois is hamburger in french...what made you choose this title ?

Weikath) Gary More!Did you get the similarity to Follow the Sign?I had Walkways very early, but Hansen said it's nothing for Helloween and then...ripped it off in my presence!

Q) MAN!!! I cannot think people have the nerve of saying that heavy metal is a bunch of morons bashing on cooking pots and cursing all the time in their songs. Hell, people don't have an ear for music...

Weikath) YEah,JF,hear you talking.Know wot it feels like to me when stewardesses or normal people say"Ah,another Hevavy Metal band?Do you make a living out of it already?"YES but you FAGS are asleep all day!

Q) In this months National Geographic, there's a big article on Berlin (good article) and there's a large picture of a giant crowd of "techno-heads" at some techno-festival or something. It was just very disappointing.

Weikath) Neil,that's wot it's like.We don't wanna know.We wanna dance.Like in "The Time Machine"...

[I?m not really sure what this is referring to, but it?s kinda cool anyway.]
Weikath) Neil,yes be aware guys you're all very clever guys,but wait till you get out of college,it's such a zoo out there.Don't expect anyone to defend you when shit hits the fan...

Q) The singer of a local ska band here was wearing a Helloween shirt on stage once.

Weikath) I hate ska

Q) [Some talk about Blind Guardian amongst the fans]

Weikath) do you think Blind Guardian don't want to live?The titles sound very morbid...

Q) you said you were drunk during one of the recordings in the Rocknet interview,but I can't see that in my video

Weikath) you can HEAR it.Some tracks are on the HI life are from Milan,for instance Eagle...i've forgotten the other tracks.Uli knows.

Q) who are the musicians you like best today (for every instrument) (Well, guitar, drums, bass)

Weikath) Uli Roth,Michael Schenker,John SykesAdrian Smith,Blackmore,Adrian Vandenberg....guit,Scott Rockenfield,Thommy Aldridge,Neil Perth,Nicko-drums,Phil Lynnott,Paul McCartney,Steve Harris-bass,Rob Halford (could sing on any solo projects I may do),Dio,Elvis,Freddie Mercury,Jan Barnett,(the singer of Rough Silk),Jon Lord,Ken Hensley,Keyboards.....God I can't be complete!

Weikath) By the way Markus didn't cut his hair.Looks like it with a lot of light from behind...

[I don?t exactly know where this came from]
Weikath) Look,why is no one concerned about all the former GR members?They're human beings as well, and wot is Hansen doing to them?Huh?

Q) And who's idea was the little backwards thing at the end of the album?

Weikath) they even pasted Roland's face!Did you see?The backwards thing was my and Tommys idea.

Q) what does this e-mail do?I e-mailed them but no reply

Weikath) Castle US have moved to another house and they're very busy.Didn't call ME back yet...

Q)Is it true that Dickinson seems he's quite mad of the unsuccesful carrer he has...i heard he said in his shows that he didn't like Maiden anymore...i thought they seperated in friends.

Weikath) yes,but Bruce is sick of hearing Maiden,Maiden when he's out to do HIS shows...he sacked all of Skunkworks btw...

Q) I just bought a pair speakers and that ran me a good several hundred dollars. (Nuance speakers out of Canada! Heard of 'em?)

Weikath) good speakers and good girls

Q) I guess I won't kill anyone if a Markus song doesn't show up on the next album (Weiki gave a good reason) but I might reconsider if we hear more about a Maiden/Helloween tour and it never materializes.

Weikath) Neil,Maiden And Helloween is the plan so far for the US next time...

Q) Wow! I just got my answer form the university! I'm accepted! YEAH!!!!!!

Weikath) JF congrats!

[deciding to finally go to bed]
Weikath) Everyone here is great! Like the Waltons:good night,cow!

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