Pumpkin Box

Michael Kiske: Vocals
(Disc One: 9 - 15; Disc Two;
Disc Three; Disc Four: 2, 3)

Kai Hansen: Vocals, Guitar
(Disc One: 1 - 8)
(Disc Two; Disc Three: 9 - 12)
Ingo Schwichtenberg: Drums
(Disc One - Disc Three)
Roland Grapow: Guitar
(Disc Three; Disc Four: 4)
Andi Deris: Vocals
(Disc Four: 4)
Uli Kusch: Drums
(Disc Four: 4)
Markus Grosskopf: Bass
Michael Weikath: Guitar


  • Four Discs:

    Disc 1: From the Early Days and B-Sides
    Disc 2: Keeper of the Seven Keys
    Disc 3: With Roland and Live Tracks
    Disc 4: Helloween Special

  • 70 Page Booklet
  • Sticker
  • Pumpkin Box Cover

    - Disc One:

    1. Starlight
    2. Victim of Fate
    3. Cry For Freedom
    4. Walls of Jericho
    5. Ride the Sky
    6. Guardians
    7. How Many Tears
    8. Judas
    9. Savage
    10. Livin' Ain't No Crime
    11. Save Us
    12. Don't Run For Cover
    13. Starlight (Michael Kiske Version)
    14. A Little Time (Another Version)
    15. Victim of Fate (Michael Kiske Version)
    - Disc Two:

    1. Initiation
    2. I'm Alive
    3. Future World
    4. Invitation
    5. Eagle Fly Free
    6. Rise and Fall
    7. Dr. Stein
    8. I Want Out
    9. Halloween
    10. Follow the Sign
    11. Keeper of the Seven Keys
    - Disc Three:

    1. Kids of the Century
    2. Mankind
    3. The Chance
    4. I Don't Wanna Cry No More
    5. First Time
    6. When the Sinner
    7. Windmill
    8. Step Out of Hell
    9. A Little Time (Live)
    10. Dr. Stein (Live)
    11. Future World (Live)
    12. How Many Tears (Live)
    - Disc Four:

    1. Introduction
      * Interview with Kai Hansen
    2. Halloween (Edited Version)
      * Interview with Michael Kiske
      * Interview with Michael Weikath
      * Interview with Roland Grapow
    3. Eagle Fly Free
      * Interview with Markus Grosskopf
      * Interview with Uli Kusch
      * Interview with Harrie Smits
      * Interview with Jorn Ellerbrock
      * Interview with Andi Deris
    4. Power

    Ok.. The next interview was transcripted by myself, and even though I can understand
    most of what Mike is saying, there are still a couple of words that are impossible for
    me to comprehend, so you'll have to figure them out by yourselves.  Sorry for this inconvenience :P

      Michael Weikath

      Introducing Michael Weikath
      So hello, this is uh, Michael Weikath, from Helloween, and eh...  I hope you are well...
      Uhn...  I just wanna say thank you to everyone in Japan for the nice success.  And uh,
      this is about time to say that.  Thank you!
      About his songwriting
      It varies.  Try to think of who eh, I would actually do a song for, you know?  So like uh,
      I kind of seem to know what Japanese people like, and I would also try if for instance I
      think this might be a good one for French people, for instance I would try to make it
      more French for those people to, to like it that much.  And, well, if for instance as the
      people and as the countries like it, is well then.  But this to me is always like uhm, a
      task then.  I have a certain idea of what I do, and I would always try to make it that way
      then.  To, to even enhance as the uh, basic idea of something.
      And well, then, various categories of, of what I can do and uh, I just kept back on the
      experimental stuff recently, a little, because uh, there uh, were lots of gaps to fill from
      the past and all that.  And so I'm gonna be concentrated on, on the stuff people would
      more or less expect from me right now.  And it will maybe change in the future or maybe
      not, but right now I don't exactly feel (???).  To really uh, try something completely out
      of this world, you know.  I don't wanna mix anyone up now, right now.  And it's, it's
      always uh, really a drag to come over something (real?) in you, you always have to
      spend like, a lot of efforts to do that.  And was all the stuff we've been doing recently.
      It's, it's very hard to achieve that and then always had tra, tracks line and like uh, the
      (fault?) of someone, and they are growing over the years and, and eventually I would
      always put them out then, later.
      His favorite Helloween song
      Oh, that's very hard to say, from all the ones.  I mean, I, I, I would say that, up to that
      point maybe that Eagle Fly Free sing was like this is the most uh, well done one, so to
      say.  And, even though, well, How Many Tears is something and so many as a track uh,
      is very hard to decide actually.  And, even the Giants one on the very Chameleon, I
      like very much all that.  Number One thing was one I've written when I was nineteen.
      But I'd say like, from the musical balance and everything and, and mostly interesting to
      me was that Eagle thing up to that very point.  You know, I was very proud of it and
      then you go and, and see what else you can do.  Yeah, but...  Yeah, basically I was
      proud of everything I've done.
      How they got to know Tommy Hansen
      It was basically by uh, uh, it was Karl Walterbach.  And we approached him because we
      said, "We've heard you know this Tommy Hansen from somewhere," because we heard
      that Pretty Maids album that uh, "Red, Hot, and Heavy," and we also heard the first one
      and the sounds in Berlin.  There was a disco where we used to go by that time, and it
      was a hard rock disco sometimes and so, they played the Pretty Maids stuff there as well,
      and Karl Walterback just told us that, that he's actually working with that Tommy Hansen
      for future productions and uh, it'd be very easy to introduce us to him.  And to, to us it
      was the hero by that time that we saw, wow, what a guy.  And yes, he really created a
      new song by that time.  And so, we've gotten together for the Keeper 1.  And first, it was
      a little critical because he worked together with Tommy Newton of uhm, Victor.  And the
      Victor Records we didn't exactly like that much sound was.  Uhm, some material was very
      good, but we had a different opinion of how these songs should be achieved.
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