Step Out of Hell EP

Michael Kiske: Vocals
Michael Weikath: Guitar
Roland Grapow: Guitar
Markus Grosskopf: Bass
Ingo Schwichtenberg: Drums

  1. Introduction
  2. Get Me Out of Here
Step Out of Hell Cover


    W: Weiki
    J: Johnny (Interviewer)
    J: Hello I'm Johnny and I thought we were going to do the interview
    at your place.
    W: Well, hello there.  Well, actually this is my place.  Now just come
    in and let's sit down over there.
    J: Yeah but weren't we going to do photographs as well?
    W: You mean uh, well, what's the big deal?  Let's just go for it.
    J: Well, it's just that it's a bit bloody, smokey in here.  I can't see a
    W: Oh, allright, we can open a window.  We might get rid of the smell
    as well I guess.
    J: Ah, hey your English is coming along pretty good.  It's not bad.
    W: Oh, oh yeah.  Thank you, thanks.  But I know much people say that.
    J: Ah, um, is this me?  Can we get started now or are we just gonna
    fuckin' keep talking like this?
    W: Right but please, before, let me play a little piece to you.  It's a new
    track I wrote.  It's inspired by Kiss, you know.  You know Kiss?  They got
    that track called "Rock'n Roll All Night" and so, I thought I'd do one
    called "Rock 'n' Roll All Day".  Am I not ingeniously?
    J: Well I suppose so but don't you think we should get.
    W: You know I thought it could become real smashing hit.  I think it's
    great!  Hey come over here and I'll play it to you.
    J: No, listen, listen a minute, listen would you like to get..
    W: No, wait.  Listen, this is the intro.  Now that's the intro.  Now you
    listen.  Ha, ha.
    W: Oh, I sung it, I sung it my own cause it's more original.  Great, huh?
    J: No, no, no, no.  It's quite interesting but come on.
    W: Oh wait, just listen.
    J: Urghh!
    W: Cool!
    J: Yes Michael but don't you think we have to.
    W: Wait, here comes to the chorus coming right up.  This as we say in
    German will be a milestone in German rock history.  Here the chorus.
    There, there it goes.
    J: Michael!  Michael!  I'm sorry but it's not really..
    W: What.  What.  OK, stop!
    J: Michael, Michael don't you think we should um...
    W: Oh wait, wait, wait, wait.  I'll wind it a bit ahead you know, and I'll
    play you the solo part and because it's the best solo I ever played, you
    J: Jesus, God damn it!  I really don't think that we have the time to do
    W: Um, OK, OK.  You will hear it anyway, a thousand times when it's a,
    when it's a hit!  You'll, you'll hear it on every radio station and on video!
    Well, how'd you like it, it's a great track isn't it?  And I like the lyrics
    'cause I wrote them and they're quite rock 'n roll, huh?
    J: Well actually Michael, I'm really sorry but I don't really like it.  It's
    not really...
    W: Well, maybe you didn't listen it properly; I could maybe change the
    lyrics here or there, but it's really Kiss!
    J: No, no.
    W: Listen, I'll play it to you once more and then you'll admit that it's
    really...  No?
    J: No, not at all.  Just look.  I don't care how many times you play this
    crap to me, it still sucks!
    W: Oh?
    J: And anyway, I mean, oh Jesus, I'm gonna go away and interview Roland.
    I mean, Jesus, what a bunch of fuckin' bullocks.
    W: Ah?
    J: What a fuckin' bunch of bullocks!
    W: Um, well so, what's wrong with him?  Maybe next time I should do it
    with someone from Kerrang.

    Music & Lyrics: Weikath

    I can't tell you how it happened
    So I guess we'll never know
    I'm always late and running out of time
    So I must be very slow
    Someone must have smoked too much
    Or is it only dust
    My pals just tend to leave here in disgust
    My flat is a mess, same as ever before
    My suits, they stink like you don't wanna know
    Junk to the left, trash to the right
    Get me out of here, I can't take it anymore
    When the postman rings I stay in bed
    I never make it down
    My fridge must be alive inside
    It's uttering funny sounds
    If I don't know what time it is
    I peek out if there's sun
    No use anyway, my money's gone
    My flat is a mess, same as ever before
    My suits, they stink like you don't wanna know
    Junk to the left, trash to the right
    Get me out of here, I can't take it anymore
    Get me out of here, I can't take it anymore
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