Holy Metal (IT)

1) Let's start with your story. There were some line-up changes?

Hagen: Not really, first of all Steven (guitar), Christoph (guitar) and Felix (base) came together by accident for a Fantasy Metal-project. They were kind of working together in a hospital in Berlin. Steven and Felix were familiar with each other for many years. So they knew about their styles, ideas and competences...

Micha (Keys) and me (vocals) joined just a little later, and that's the formation that lasted until now. Only the drummer has changed once. Our first drummer wasn't really in that kind of music we're playing, so he decided to leave, although he was more than good enough for the music itself. We searched quite a long time for a substitute for this guy. Finally we found Stefan Renner (what a name - "Renner" is the German word for runner, it's his real surname (nomen est omen)!!), which is only two months from now. We love this guy and hope we gonna have a nice and long time with him in this band...

2) Where did your CD were produced? How long have you taken for recording it? Have you had some problems to record it?

Hagen: Some people still don't believe it: It was all recorded in Felix' room, which is not more than maybe 10-12 sqm big. The medium of recording was his home computer. We had to add some capacity in ram and hard disc memory, of course and some other things and during all the time we had several problems concerning every imaginable aspect, but somehow we managed to get out this very recording of Book 1 you're listening to. Altogether it took us more than one year...

3) News concept album what tell about?

Steven: You mean the next album? Well, right at the moment Iīm writing the concept for the next album. The next one will be a special one. I think it will be a surprise for everyone who likes Logarīs Diary. Right at the moment I donīt wanna tell much about it. The next adventure takes place in one city. Not like on book I which took place in whole Barsaive. For news concerning the next album take a look at www.logar.org . The news will be posted as soon as theyīre available.

Hopefully the CD will be out by the end of the next year.

4) Is your songwriting inspired by other bands?

Hagen: If we'd say "no" we would certainly lie, that's for sure. Everyone is inspired by someone or something, and the one who denies is a liar. People say that we tend to sound a little bit (some also say more than a little bit) like Blind Guardian, Rhapsody and others we are also compared with. For us it was always an essential point of importance to have our own style still, even if there may be some influences noticeable in our music. And that's what many reviews acknowledge - that in general we have some characteristics that are special to us and give us our own individual touch...

5) What do you think about the Italian Metal scene? Do you know some groups?

Steven: Yeah, sure. Not too much but the bigger ones. I think the scene in spite of Power Metal is very big. Christoph collect nearly every Italian Power Metal band. For me, too much sounds the same. Italy has some really great bands, but Iīll think itīs very flooded with bands.... so itīs hard to say.

Christoph: Thatīs my question (hehe). Like Steven said Iīm a huge fan of the Italian Power Metal. I adore bands like Domine, Elvenking, Heimdall, Highlord, Beholder, Ivory, Wyrm, Dies Ire, Rhapsody, Dragonhammer and so on. I donīt consider them as clones of each other, but for a strong dedicated scene that loves their music and is very skilled. I can always feel the love for what theyīre doing and especially the melody lines by Italian bands are great and memorable. It hurts me often when they get bad critics, just for the reason that some other bands also have a similar style. But thatīs nothing to blame the bands for. I have no problem to say that hundred of bands with a similar style can be still original, as long as theyīre true to themselves!

6) Why is Power Metal so successful for you?

Hagen: I doubt that we were less successful if we were making another style of music, if only we had the same "heart" for it. You're successful, if you really love the style you stick to and if you have some experience in music generally. Since that is the case with us, we at least have to sound honest. That we also seem to hit the taste of some people (in a positive way I mean) makes us very happy and content! Thanks!

7) Your website is graphically excellent and very complete. Do you deal it personally??

Steven: The concept was in co-operation between us and www.MDNETZ.de . But now we post the news and interviews and stuff like that. The programming was done by a friend of mine. We did the first page by ourselves. On the main page we got a link to it. So you can have a look at how it began. I think weīre all very proud of this page. Iīm still exited when I enter it...

8) What about the music on the net? Do you think that mp3 sharing is a good way to be more famous especially for young groups?

Hagen: I think we can confirm that, for this is our personal experience. People keep writing to us and ordering the CD, because they heard "Lonely on the serpent river" or the other song-excerpts offered on our homepage at www.logar.org

9) What about the United States tragedy on 11 September and their air attack? What's your position?

Hagen: Concerning this subject you also find two comments by Steven and Christoph on our homepage in the guestbook. Those comments are representative for the band's opinion. We dislike war generally, no matter for what reason or by what people.

10) Write what you want to the holymetal.it fans!

Hagen: First of all be honest to yourselves! Think about your attitudes and positions in life; concerning music: Feel what you really love - what moves you emotionally. And then, if you found out about that, then be honest to the world around you and stick to your attitudes and opinions - don't let them be changed by dishonest influences. Just because something is common at the moment it does not have to mean that it's of any value!

Christoph: Donīt buy names, the music counts!

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