Heavy Metal Pages (Poland)
??? 01. Not many people in Poland have heard about Logar’s Diary so for start tell me everything about band’s history.

Christoph: For detailed informations please visit our website: To make it short: Steven and I met during our civilian service in a hospital and decided to start a concept Power Metal band. After a short time we found the other guys, except for Stefan (on the drums), who joined after the release of the CD. Nothing special about our history yet, except for that we will start our live performences this year…

02. You have released your debut on your own. I wonder if you have managed to sign a contract with a label? If you did tell me who will be releasing your albums?

Christoph: Indeed we signed a record deal now. We tried our best by releasing the CD byourselves. We wanted to show that we are able to compete with other bands, especially with bands with a contract. After the release of our CD we got many offers from various labels. We decided to try with a small unknown label called MFE (Nmetal Fortress Entertainment) from Sweden, cause they seem to be very idealistic and have good ideas. So the next Cd will be released worldwide by them, so you will be able to buy our next CD in your local shop hopefully. Let´s see how the collaboration will work…

03. I must say that even tough you released your album on your own it looks better than many of regular albums. The artwork is truly amazing!

Christoph: Thank you very much. As I already said, we tried our best! We know that a good looking artwork and a precious booklet is very important for a good CD. There are so many boring looking CDs out there, so many bands who just burn their CDs instead of pressing them, bands who take some picture for their artwork and so on…

If you love what you do you try your best. And we love what we do and so we had no other choice than trying to deliver the best artwork we could do! A friend from Cologne did it for us and we love the result!

04. You have programmed drums on a computer. Why did you decide to do it? Couldn’t you ask someone, for example a friend from another band to play it in studio? I’m not saying that it sounds bad, to be honest it sounds pretty good but “normal” drummer is something different.

Christoph: I totally agree! Let me tell you about the past, why we did what we did…

We wrote the songs and had them finished in the middle of 1999. We serached so much for a drummer, asked everyone we knew (and, man, that were MANY), but we didn´t find the right guy. So we programmed the drums and took the sounds from an original drum, so that it sounds at least good and powerful. After we heard the result, we were somehow satisfied. The alternative would have been to rent some drummer, but the studio costs would have been too high for us, so that possibility didn´t exist really. Now it was the beginning of 2001 and the songs were finished by two years. What to do? Continue searching or trying with the drum computer? We decided for the drum computer (by the way many “big” bands use them in the studio, although they have a drummer) and have now the possibility to make everything better on the second CD ;-)

05. Have you found a drummer?

Christoph: Yes, we did. After the release of the CD Stefan bought in in a local shop and immediately gave me a call and said to me: “You are looking for a drummer? Here I am!” And he was right!!! After one listening session we decided to continue our journey together. He is amazing! He is able to play all our complicated stuff as we programmed it and the best thing is, he´s a real Metalhead!

06. Could you tell me a few words about the story first part of which has been told on your debut? Who wrote it, what’s it about, etc.?

Christoph: The idea behing Logar´s Diary is to tell of the adventures of the magician Logar in the Earthdawn universe. Logar is the roleplaing character of Steven, who wrote the stories. The adventures we sing about are real adventures Logar experienced by roleplaying sessions. The first book is about some evil necromancer who collaborates with some evil creatures to take over the world - usual fantasy stuff. For details please read the booklet, which we tried to write like a diary!

07. How many books does the story include? I now that second one is on its way but will it be the final one?

Christoph: We will release as many stories as we will release CDs. I can´t hardly tell you how many it will be. Every book will be a whole story with a beginning and an ending. The next story will take place in a city called Parlainth, but Steven didn´t show me the lyrics yet…

08. How important is the role of lyrics in your music?

Christoph: As we are a concept band the lyrics are very important, cause you can capture us only as a whole, when you read the lyrics while listening to our music. But we tried to be also a good liveband with some good Metal songs. Live on stage you don´t need some lyrics telling a tale. So we tried to write some good songs, too. So as an answer to your question I would say the lyrics are important, but not as much as the music itself, although you miss some level if you don´t know the lyrics…

09. When can I expect your second album “Book II: the Forgotten City”?

Christoph: As far as the plans look like Book 2 will be released by the end of 2002. But we don´t have any detailed plan yet. Let´s hope the best…

10. Your music is quite original but I can find elements, which remind me Blind Guardian or Savatage? How would you describe your music? What do you think about the bands, which I have just named?

Christoph: We are 23 - 27 years old. Our heroes are from the 90´s mostly, so it´s no problem for us when someone compares our music with Blind Guardian. In fact it makes me really proud! We all listen to different styles of Metal and the mixture of all of them sounds like Logar´s Diary. If there are some parts of Blind Guardian or Savatage in them, it´s okay, but nothing intended. If we like a part, we keep it! Personally I like Blind Guardian and Savatage mostly in their “middle” periods, so “Gutter ballet” and “Hall of the mountain king” or “Tales from the twilight world” and “Somewhere far beyond”…

11. How do you like new Blind Guardian single “And Then There Was Silence”? The title-track is one of the best songs that I have ever heard!!

Christoph: Hmm, Felix loves it, too. I´m a little disappointed, cause I´m missing the aggressive parts. It´s too less Metal for my taste. And I think that the song is far too long. Don´t mistake me, a song like “Dante´s Inferno” from Iced Earth has to have this length, but “And then there was silnece” is too much… I hope that on the new CD will be more songs like “The curse of Feanor” than “Noldor”. Never forget your Metal roots!

12. Have you seen “The Lord of The Rings”? What are your impressions?

Christoph: PERFECT!!! I can´t hardly tell you how much I´m impressed. Peter Jackson did a masterpiece. A true classic! There is so much about this movie I love, I can´t explain you all. It´s a deep, frightening, mind-opening movie telling a tale about love, friendship, might, betrayal… - it´s a vision banned on celluloid! May I quote Gandalf?

“There are so many who are alive and deserve to be dead and there are so many who are dead and deserve to be alive. Can you give them life? So don´t be too fast with death penalties!”

I think there are far too less movies transporting such messages!

13. Is it hard for a German band like you are to sign a contract with official label?

Christoph: Hmm, I think if you really try hard and have some talent, it´s not too hard. But you have to be able to sacrifice all other activities for it! A professionell band is far more than a hobby! Getting a contract is the more easy part. Keeping it is the harder part!

14. What were the reactions for “Book I: Iostros”?

Christoph: Amazing! Especially for an underground production. All we can say is “WOW”! Being proud on your own music is normal, but getting so much good response is a real experience! I´ll never forget this!

15. How important is the role of Heavy Metal in your life?

Christoph: It is my life! Every day I listen to Metal, talk about Metal and think of Metal. It´s a very big part of my life! While I write this interview I listen to the new CD of Twisted Tower Dire, that makes me feel good! I don´t have any friends not listening to Metal, that´s a natural development. You should see my room with my 3500 CDs and hundreds of posters…

16. In Germany in two theaters people could see an opera written by David DeFeis, main songwriter and vocalist of Virgin Steele. Have you heard about it or maybe you have seen it?

Christoph: Indeed there were two different operas by him. From the first one (now released on two CDs) I visited the last show. I drove about 800 kilometres with three friends to visit the show! It was very good! The problem was that after 1 ½ hours a storm came and because of the heavy rain the show had to be stopped. But nevertheless I´m very proud to have been there.

17. What are your interests other than music?

Christoph: Thousands! Fantasy books, roleplaing games, computer stuff, superhero comics, soccer, my girlfriend, writing for my fanzine (), songwriting, movies, collecting things…

18. What are you doing now? Are you playing concerts or maybe you are preparing your second album to release?

Christoph: Both! Beginning in March we will start to play live, followed by a festival in May with Wizard and White Skull. And besides that we will do the songwriting and the recordings for the next CD, this time with real drums!

19. What were your biggest inspirations in the days when you were beginning your musical adventure?

Christoph: I wanted to be part of the scene I love so much. So many bands gave me so much by listening to their songs over the years, I wanted to give some fans the same feelings with my music! There are so less ways these days to make the world a little brighter and with Logar´s Diary I have one way. I hope our songs will help some fans someday…!

20. OK, that would be all. For the end tell me what would you like to say to the readers of Heavy Metal Pages?

Christoph: Be true to yourself, have fun, enjoy life and don´t forget to use your brains! Metallic greetings from Berlin!

Interview by Tom