Savage Metal (RU)

1) Why did you choose exactly metal music? Why did you choose this style?

Christoph: We are all six Metal fans for years and decades. Metal has the most possibilities for a musician to express oneself. No other style has such deep emotion melodies, power and aggression. We love the epic and medieval feeling in Power Metal and also we are big fantasy fans. So it is natural for us to combine these two styles and to play fantasy Power Metal.

2) Why did you decide to write such lyrics? Do you think that there're many people in the world who like fantasy literature and music? Or do you make music for yourselves in the first turn?

Christoph: Difficultt question… First of all, if you want to do something well, you have to do something you like. We wanted to tell some fantasy stories and hope that some people like the idea of combining the music and the lyrics. Of course the music is more important, cause we are musicians, no storyteller. We´re more in the tradition of medieval bards, telling stories to entertain the people. I don´t really care if someone is reading the lyrics. If one likes to, it is good, if one doesn´t want to, it is also okay. I personally love the ability by some CDs to carry me away from the usual standard day, and it is a good thing for me to know that I now also have the possibilty by telling musical tales with Logar´s Diary…!

3) Is this project the first and the only for members?

Christoph: For me and Steven, Logar is the only band. Felix plays also in a technical Thrash/Death Metal band, just like Hagen. Stefan´s and Micha´s last “second” bands quitted. But Logar´s Diary is the most professional band for all of us (and the only one with a contract), so it has the main priority for all of us.

4) Have you ever played abroad?

Christoph: No, we just played two times. The first gig in Berlin, and the second gig on a festival in the near of Rostock (250 Kilometres away from home). Both gigs were fantastic. We hope to play some more gigs after the release of the second CD.

5) What are your plans for future? Do you plan to make only concept albums about Logar?

Christoph: Indeed! We are a 100% concept band and will only tell tales from Logar and his adventures. That is what we chose and we will stick to this idea. At the moment we are about to record the second CD. It will feature some surprises, but the musical style will be the same, only better ;-)

Metallic greetings from Berlin!

Interview by Kathy