Hello folks!

We got informed by MFE that they plan to release "Book 2" at 24th of October. Letīs hope this release date will become real.

We played our gig in Berlin with Korpiklaani and First Aid and I must tell you that we are pretty satisfied with it. The reactions from our fans were really good and in case you were there screaming for us: Thank you very much, we had much fun on stage and all the fans in front of the stage seemingly as well ;-) And Alex, our new drummer (yes, we will update the page with infos on him soon), was really tight! The next gig will be on 1st of October in Ratingen together with Custard and a few more. See you there!

And finally the Running Wild tribute called "Revivalry" was released on 22nd of August. Itīs defnitely worth a listen - and I donīt say this just because of our "Riding the Storm". By the way, it is a limited edition 2-CD version and we are on the limited 2nd CD, so be fast to grab your copy in the shops!