Hello folks!

Things are moving on now. These are the good news:

1. We remastered the new CD to improve the sound again. Together with the re-arranged artwork the whole stuff is now in Sweden at MFE, our record company. So letīs hope they will release the new CD fast and do some good promotion for us...!

2. The Running Wild Tribute is setting sails on the horizon. Remedy Records announced inofficially that it will be released on 25th July as a double-CD. We will be on it with our version of "Riding the Storm".

3. We have also put 3 samples of new songs from the forthcoming CD on our homepage in the download section. Get them and tell us your opinion about it!

4. We will hit the stages at last this year. We will support Korpiklaani from Finland in the K17 on 17th August. At the moment we are preparing very hard for the gig, so if you have the chance of seeing us in Berlin, we advice you to pay us a visit. We will play a few new songs...!

So keep an eye on the homepage, things are moving now!