Hi Folks,

I can proudly say that mixing the new shit is finally done. Felix did a great job and I know that you will be impressed by the new stuff. Right at the moment the CD is mastered and then itīll be straight on the way to our label MFE. I hope they will say the same as we, that this record is a good step forward. I think we will soon put some sound-samples online on www.logar.org so you can make your own opinion.

Now we work very hard to get the stuff on stage, weīll keep you informed of upcoming dates.

As a bonus track we recorded an old song - Kingīs Hall - and re-arranged it to orchestra - sounds quite good, letīs see if thereīs a way to get this one to you, too.

In the next weeks we will post our new Cover-artwork here, so you can have a look at it.

I hope to see you all soon, anywhere in the galaxy.

Stay hard