Although the updates on the homepage weren´t so frequently during the last weeks it doesn´t mean we´re lazy and enjoying our lives doing nothing. In fact we´re working very hard in order to finish the recordings of the new CD as soon as possible and also in the best possible way.

The vocals are finished now, including some unbelievable screams (!!!). Today we will record the intro and outro and also some tavern-like crowd-noises with some friends. Then there´s not much left to record, just the choir, some guitar overdubs and maybe Micha will play a real organ for some organ intro of a song.

And befoe I forget mentioning it: The artwork for the cover and booklet are also in work.

So you can see, we work very hard to deliver you the new CD as soon as possible. Be a little more patient, there´s light at the end of the tunnel...!

Oh yeah, and I put some live photos online...!