Hail my friends!

Let me tell you a little bit of the Bands Battle Festival at Stavenhagen. The organisation was really good, even the sound! The only bad thing was the lack of visitors...! Nevertheless all bands had a great party together.

We played on Friday 3rd at 19.30 pm, a good time, cause we had really many fans in front of the stage and much fun together! Our setlist was the following:


Lonely on the Serpent River

Demon in the Kaer

Kingīs Hall

Travelling to the Bloodwoods

Metal Warriors/Home of the Traders


I hope I can add some fotos soon...!

Thanx a lot to all fans who made such a noise and liked our songs and performance! We hail you!

Now to the news: The Manowar-tribute sampler by Northwind Records (IT) is going to be pressed within the next weeks. We will be on it with "Blood of my enemies", together with great bands like Majesty and Twisted Tower Dire!

By the way, thank you for all the people who bought a Logar-CD after the brlliant Blind Guardian gig in Berlin. We sold 18 CDs after the show! Guess, thatīs more than Freedom Call sold, hehe ;-)

Please keep on signing our guestbook like before, thatīs really great!

Cheers, Logarians!