Not much thrilling news these days. Iīm moving together with my girlfriend, Hagenīs in the holidays and Felix prepares for some tests in his university, so we are all very busy at the moment. We still practise hard to enter the stages soon and as far as it looks like we will celebrate our live debut in March. More news to come...! I added some new interviews and (as always) some new links to Power Metal bands.

In the next weeks some great CDs will be released: Blind Guardian, Running Wild, Falconer, The Storyteller, Cryonic Temple, King Diamond... I hope you all go and get them ;-)

And donīt forget to wish me luck, cause tomorrow is my birthday! Hear you soon...!

A mighty hail to all of you Logar-fans outside there!

You may wonder why we hadnīt you wished a merry X-mas and didnīt welcome you to the new year. The reason is simple: A bloody virus fucked up my whole system and I had to reinstall everything which took me a few weeks (dealing with the usual windows-problems...).

At the moment we still rehearse a lot and think of some gimmicks of our live-presentation. And also the songwriting for the new CD is going on.

So now we hope you all had a good start into the new year! Letīs see what the new one will bring to us all, most likely a new Logar-CD at the end of 2002... ;-)