We are complete at last and had a blasting rehearsal yesterday! We canīt hardly wait to enter the stages soon. Besides we are still negotiating with labels and recording our two cover songs... much work!

I added some more links. Looks like the Power Metal scene is still strong and alive with good newcomers! I also added the link to the "Bands Battle" Festival, where we will play next year along with Wizard, White Skull and other great bands! Be sure to meet us there!

At the moment we are still waiting for Hagen to return from Manila, so we can prepare our live performances. And surely we are working hard at our two new tribute songs (Blind Guardian and Manowar). By the end of November we should be ready!

And finally we are talking very much about the next year, the release of "Book II" and things coming along with that...! Cheers, Logar-friends!