Hail friends! We got great response during the last weeks. We want to than you for it! It makes us proud! And hopefully we will start to play live for you soon.

At the moment we are testing some drummers and hope that there is the right one amongst them. We will keep you informed!

I updated the page with some new Power Metal band links (go and search them ;-)), three new reviews and one interview. Some more will follow next week...

At the moment we prepare for the next strike: Running Wild, one of our favourite Metal bands asked young bands to cover songs from them for a possible tribute sampler and we will also deliver one song (at least). So be prepared for a Running Wild song in the Logar style!

I also updated the band links with many Argentine bands. Huge scene over there!

Two new interviews are added. Both are in German, one from the Fame of Metal and the other from the Metal Observer. Both were given two months ago...

After the great Greek interview yesterday I now uploaded the long German interview done by the Eternity zine from Berlin. On the new issue (#19) we participated on the CD-sampler, so if you arenīt aware of it yet, go and get it!!!

Our first Greek interview went online today. Very big with many interesting questions. You should check it out! And a big thanx plus a mighty hail go to Stamatis from "The gate of lions" webzine for creating us such a nice banner. We will put it online soon. If you are interested in linking us with the banner, write to us. We will send it immediately!