Another short update with some links and our first Greek review...

WOW! We just sold 60 CDs to Hellion Records. Looks like our first 500 CDs will be sold out soon. If no label makes us an offer, we will press another 500 CDs... I added also two new reviews. Our first interview is also online. So we will add an interview section soon... In the meantime visit: Jesterīs News

Hail to you all, warriors! Our new design is online. We hope you like it as much as we do! Many improvements have been done. I added a whole bunch of links and three more reviews... Donīt forget to sign our guestbook and tell us what you think about Logarīs new internet pages!

Found a new review of our debut on the Sacred Metal page. You can find it now at our reviews section...

Added a new review from Spain (go to Discography/Reviews section).

Updated the Links. Added some new bands, zines and Metalpages, mostly underground. Check our archive!

Today our counter reached the 1000 visitors threshold. Thanx a lot, Metal warriors and friends from all over the world. Logar knows who you are...! We know where we come from!

I added three new reviews (mostly in German). I hope the things will continue this good...

Now we are hosted by truemetal.org!!! Thatīs the perfect server for a Power Metal band like us!!! I added a whole bunch of new links to (mostly) Brazil Power Metal bands.

4.5.2001 IMPORTANT!!!
We need a drummer! We plan to enter the stages as soon as possible, but first we need a drummer, who is able to play our fast songs and who loves Power Metal! Please get in contact with us, if you are a drummer or if you know one!!!