Heavy Weight (SP)

Behind an attractive cover we find a Fantasy Power Matal band (as they define their own music). "Book I: Iostros" is a conceptual work about the adventures of a wizard named Logar in the world of Earth Dawn (taken from a famous role game).

Talking about their music, as they say, they play modern Power Metal. That is guitar speed, double-bass drums, great choruses, speeches... All the elements that for sure will attract the attention of the ones who love this kind of music. In this first CD and without the help of any music label, they have mastered to obtain a real good work.

Anyway they could sound much better with a proper production and with a drummer because in this recording they have used a computer for that.

In spite of this little details I have to say that itīs a very good album that have surprised me.

- Review by Rodrigo