Undertow (BEL)

Logar’s Diary is a new band hailing from Berlin. On this debut self financed album they tell the tale of the magician Logar from the “Earthdawn” role playing game. The artwork on the cover is a beautiful fantasy drawing and also the rest of the booklet looks very nice.

The CD starts with a spoken intro, than the opening track “Lonely On The Serpent River” blasts off. This is a very energetic song and is built out of the traditional fantasy metal ingredients. The CD breathes out a medieval atmosphere and sounds also epic. The compositions are good and played well.

The problem I have with this disk is that the production sounds a bit chaotic. Also the band has no drummer and so they use a drum machine. This gives the band a sometimes clinic sound. But like I said before there’s nothing wrong with the music itself. Also the vocals are well executed.

I would advice that the band looks for a drummer and also that with the next album they try to find a producer. They have the talent but it would not be a bad idea to have someone to give some advice during the production of the next album.

Epic power metal fans can check this promising band out by sending a note to their email address.

7/10 points

- Review by Bruno vande Velde