Snakepit (AUT)

It´s sometimes astonishing how good unsigned bands sound.

As we only review the “better” ones out of the underground sector (“better” in our personal view and in the real Metal sector only as SNAKEPIT stands for support of the traditional Metal filed, skipping all modern, alternative Metal shit and all Black stuff also, this is not our world and will never be, you know).

LOGAR`S DIARY are among the “better” ones. Fantasy Metal is delivered here on 11 tracks, surprisingly good produced for a self-financed record. Mix newer BLIND GUARDIAN and RHAPSODY with some SKYCLAD-ish parts and you have their sound.

Professional cover and booklet, skilled song-writers and an ambitious aim to reach their models.

“Book 1” has some weakness in the vocal department - the voice lacks in enough power and range sometimes - and not all the tracks are forcing Metal in the arrangements.

To sum it up, a welcome start and more to come hopefully.

- Review by Heinz Konzett