Metal Coven (BE)

This very talented new melodic power metal band hails from Berlin/Germany. Although this is their first album, they have created a very interesting fantasy story. With their band name and album title they want to express the first part of the adventures of the magician Logar. So itís very important to listen to the lyrics to understand the story.

People who arenít interested in this story, can always listen to their music. And be sure that they are worth to listen at!

Musically they play high standard melodic power metal in the vein of Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray and Running Wild. They also added some medieval influences, which fit perfectly in their concept story.

With Hagen Hirschmann they have a magnificent vocalist, which is very important for this music style. The cd booklet and the production of the cd are also excellent. So why the fuck arenít they signed yet ?!?! They have plans to release a follow-up, which will be called ďBook II : The Forgotten CityĒ.

I nearly canít wait to listen to that!

- Review by Ronny Elst