Metal Reviews (CH)

Fans of Role Playing Games or Dungeons & Dragons arise, cause this one has been made especially for you guys. Logar's Diary is a epic, Fantasy Power Metal band. In the veins of Blind Guardian but with a much more folk sound and feel.

Their debut album takes the form of a book, in which a story of steel and magic is told. Very interesting mix of Power Metal and folk medieval atmosphere and although I quite like it I believe that not all metal heads might appreciate this strong mix. The singer, although if he still needs to improve have a quite nice voice that fits their music quite well. The choirs also needs to be worked but their presence on almost every choruses adds a lot to the overall epic feeling. The guitars are overwhelming, with powerful rhythms and epic medieval melodies flying all over the place to dive the listener into the atmosphere of the story in a time called : Earthdawn

Some folk songs will undoubtfully remind you Blind Guardian or Rhapsody.

The album achieves a quite good balance between medieval folk songs and Power Metal fast ones. I believe that Logar's Diary have a big originality quality, they try to get rid of the typical clichés of the style and although if it's a little bit clumsy sometimes it still very nice to hear something different or even new. The song writing is quite different that typical Power Metal and can even be quite progressive sometimes.

Last but not least, the artcover is very nice, very original : a great compositing work with nice colors and nice overall feeling. The booklet is much more medium in it's appearance but one can't have it all, especially for a debut album. The album have a good production and it ends on an excellent instrumental track called Déjà Vu.

Thanks again to Christoph Uhl (lead and rhythm guitar) for sending us the CD. A band with talent, no doubts about it, but I believe they need to improve on some parts, especially the vocals (lead and choruses) that are not always good enough. But this debut album is quite promising for the future and I really look forward to read, sorry to listen to their next one.

Fans of Medieval / Epic Power Metal and RPGs (perfect music to put during a session by the way) : this one is for you, be sure to check it out. Nice work !

78/100 points

- Review by Chris