Beyond Webzine (FR)

I already heard from Logarís Diary through the underground press and I must say that the rumours werenít unfounded. Under a heavy layer of Fantasy hides a very powerful band, evolving in a style that I wouldnít entirely define as Power Metal, although the band itself seems to value the term Ö

Letís just point out one thing: the fact that I object to this designation isnít the mere fruit of a rebel mind. Itís rather the product of a certain bitterness that I feel when listening to most bands within that category who donít stand for many things, except maybe for being lame. But I wonít insist on this, for this sort of debate would hardly be to the point when youíre dealing with a combo as talented as Logarís Diary.

Their musical richness transcends all understanding. Just one small problem: Hagenís voice. Itís not confident enough, a fact that makes the poor guy loose a good deal of justness in comparison with the music, which is absolutely spotless. The rhythms show great variation as do, on a general level, the atmospheres and the eleven songs on this CD are, to my humble opinion, a wonderful business card to present the labels with. A little more conviction in the voice and all will be just fineÖ

75/100 points

- Review by Arnaud