Edge of Time (SL)

Melodic heavy/speed metal with symphonic elements is what this young German band plays, and one more time I sit puzzled thinking what to write next. Fantasy lyrics about a magician, cheesy melodies, and youthful romanticism all belong here, along with notable Rhapsody and less notable Blind Guardian influences. The quality of music is pretty decent most of the time, but the pomposity is turned up to eleven; as Alban wrote in the Rhapsody "Dawn of Glory" review, the cheese factor is 100% so beware if you are allergic. "Book I: Iostros" combines only what has been done before, from majestic choruses of Manowar to odes of recent symphonic speed metal, but this might be exactly what you're looking for?

3 1/2 of 5 points

- Review by GS