bullet Joro Panaiotov, Hell Spirit - that guy has done so much for that site, that I just can't count all of the thing!
bullet Roseen Kostov, Tuffata - supports the German version, a lot of ideas, fuckin' great pictures!
bullet Ivan Cirkov,  Blade - Great translation of ALL of the Manowar's song to Bulgarian
bullet Katia Spasova Fire - Giving great pictures from Manowar concerts
bullet Kiril Mamakov, Glorifindel - very soon you'll feel the change in the design : )
bullet Anton Titov, ViruS - CGI scripts, the old domain name, and much help came from him!
bullet __iceman__ - HTML , banner
bullet Georgi Georgiev, Ireland - translations' corrections
bullet Miroslava Markova WILD_BLOOD - the translate of WHOLE the site to German when this versian was still alive
bullet Svobodan Alexandrov "SAD" - begining help with the site making
bullet KO3 - begining help with the site making
bullet Sasho Stoianov, D_RED_GUY - begining help with the site making
bullet Manoel Manowar - tabs
bullet Anil CAL, HAILandKILL - background info
bullet Johan Aberg, Lichmist - interviews
bullet rokJN - interviews
bullet Marc Schwarz, WebThor - the History translation
bullet CHAOS magazine - Giving me the bulgarian interview with Joey DeMaio
bullet Dieter "banana" Furigon - help for the german part of my site.
bullet dArKoNe - The guy that gived me the great domain name . I'll always remember this. Hail!!!
bullet Markus "universe" - Truemetal webspace. Hail!!!
bullet MANOWAR - The Kings Of Metal
bullet Marjo ["guy"] and Theo [Overlord] Verdooren - Directors Of WWWW
bullet Manoel "Muu Muu" Manowar - Manowar Brazil
bullet Didier "21 hours" Barela - Manowar Belgium
bullet Johan Aberg - Manowar Sweden
bullet Marc Schwarz - Manowar Switzerland
bullet Sandro Klopfstein - Manowar Switzerland
bullet Fillipe "food spoiler" Faria - Manowar Portugal
bullet Makis "ass" Kirkos - Manowar Greece
bullet Fernando Mingo - Manowar Argentina
bullet Eneko - Manowar Spain
bullet David Hank - Manowar Hungary
bullet Daniel - Manowar Russia
bullet Marcus - Manowar Germany

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