Mail us all official MANOWAR releases !

What do you have to do ?
Mail us ALL official MANOWAR releases.
( from the beginning of the band till November 1st, 2002. You don't have to add the upcoming single etc ... )
We want to know :
* name product
* kind of product ( Cd, LP etc... )
* year
* record compagny
* catalog number ( if mentioned, to find on the side or back of a product )
Mail your list to :

Prize :
The first person who is able to list ALL releases will win a Warriors of the World shirt + an autographed poster from the band.

The winner will be mailed personal by the WWWW and mentioned online at the WWWWzine.There will be no correspondence about the results and by participating in this contest you give the WWWW authorization to publish your mail and name online.People who work for the Kingdom of Steel / WWWW / Ragnar Productions cannot participate.

Closing date January 1st, 2003

( Nb. As soon as the first person, who has the correct list, sended in his mail, it will be mentioned online and the contest will close earlier, the correct list will be published online than. If on January 1st, 2003 nobody has sended in the correct list, the person who named the most correct releases will win the prize )

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