Avalon: left to right Jens Kuckelkorn (k), Petra Hasselkuss (b), Ronny Dehn (d), Chitral Somapala (v), Sebastian Eder (g)


Aug. 1992 AVALON was founded by Frontman Many Stürner, bass player Petra Hasselkuss, guitarist Sebastian Eder, keyboarder Jens Kuckelkorn and on drums Peter "Ringo" Kei - all experienced and trained musicians, who studied at the MGI / BSM (Munich Guitar Institute / Bass School Munich), at the PIT Percussion Institute Of Technology) as well as having private instruction with classically trained singing and piano teachers.
1992 Production of the MC "One Night", containing the songs "One Night", "Ever And Ever" and "Follow Me".
1993 Southern Germany and Canadian Tour.
Sept. 1993 Debut CD "Why Now" is recorded.
March/Apr. 1994 Los Angeles tour: Four weeks in Los Angeles playing all the well-known clubs like Whisky A Go Go (Hollywood), Marquee (Orange County), Coconut Teaszer (L.A.), F.M. Station (L.A.), Spirit Club (San Diego), etc. as headliner.
Aug. 1994 AVALON signed a contract with the Hamburg Music Publishing House Limb Music Publishing (LMP).
1994/1995 More live performances e.g. as a support group to GOTTHARD in the "Augsburger Rockfabrik" and performances in Switzerland.
Sept. 1995 The debut CD "Why Now" was published all over Europe. In the autumn of that year various concerts were given within the WHY NOW - TOUR '95, including one as a suppport act to SAVATAGE and SINNER.
April 1996 Recording of "Mystic Places" - produced by Charlie Bauerfeind (who also worked with e.g. Michael Kiske, Gamma Ray, Running Wild, Axxis, Victory, Angra, Alannah Myles).
1997 saw the departure of drummer Ringo Kei as well as the singer Many Stürner because of health problems. Replacement was found in drummer Ronny Dehn and singer Chitral "Chity" Somapala.
02.11.1998 Release date of "Vision Eden", produced by Charlie Bauerfeind
1999 "Vision Eden" was promoted all around Europe on a headliner tour and several support shows amongst others with HAMMERFALL and EDGUY in 1999, in Holland at the Aardschok Festival with ANNIHILATOR, DARE, GRIP INC., in Luxembourg with URIAH HEEP and in Milano at the GODS OF METAL with "Metal Icons" like METALLICA, MANOWAR, MOTÖRHEAD, ANGRA, HAMMERFALL, FEAR FACTORY and many more...
Current Avalon news
The new album "EURASIA" will be out 4th of September 2000. The fourth album of AVALON will feature a story of the largest continent in the world "EURASIA" which has a vast amount of cultures, religions and beliefs. In a skilful way AVALON mixes some traditional instruments from Chitral Somapala's homecountry Sri Lanka with a melodic-power-prog-metal ground. "EURASIA" will be produced by Sascha Paeth, who is known for his work with Rhapsody, Luca Turilli, Gamma Ray, Kamelot...to name a few.
Also Avalon has a new drummer. He is Jaques "Jacky" Voutay.


WHY NOW 1995

Tracklist: 1. Why Now [5:06] 2. Rhythm Of My Heart [4:53] 3. Never [4:48] 4. True Mental [5:54] 5. Follow Me [6:05] 6. Foreplay [1:35] 7. Just Try [6:03] 8. More Than Words Can Say [5:45] 9. Ever And Ever [5:21] 10. One Night [6:07]


Tracklist: 1. Mystic Places [1:12] 2. I'm Falling [4:44] 3. Passion For Glory [5:42] 4. Crystal Ball [1:38] 5. Through The Eye Of The End [5:02] 6. Prisoner Of My Mind [4:38] 7. Two Mental [6:31] 8. Time Of The Universe [6:16] 9. Wasted Time [5:04] 10. Burning Down The House [4:38] 11. Isolation [1:57] 12. Blind Dance [6:21]


Tracklist: 1. They Are In Between Us [4:22] 2. Children Of War [6:25] 3. Lord Of Dignity [4:44] 4. Fate Of Centuries [4:39] 5. Age Of Salvation [5:32] 6. Dancing With The Devil [5:33] 7. The Road To Eden [2:25] 8. Far Away [5:02] 9. Gene Genius [5:13] 10. Solitune [2:15]


Tracklist: 1. Aurora 2. Burning Souls 3. Temujin 4. Black Hole Wisdom 5. Eternal Flame 6. Save The Holy Land 7. The Last Call 8. Eurasia 9. The Stranger 10. The Painting 11. Kyrie 12. Semaruma

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