Arjen Anthony Lucassen


Arjen Anthony Lucassen is the main force behind Ayreon. Lucassen along with a score of talented singers and musicians has created 3 epic albums. Each Ayreon album tells a unique story (see discography for details). Lucassen began his musical career with the group Bodine from releasing 3 albums from 1982-1984. In 1984-1992 Lucassen was in the band Vengeance. He released 4 albums with Vengeance before that band broke up. In 1992 he released a solo album under the name Anthony.
In 1994 Ayreon was created. Ayreon has currently released 3 albums with 2 new ones due in 2000. Lucassen continues the tradition of working with great musicians and singers on his forthcoming albums.




INTO THE ELECTRIC CASTLE 1998 a space opera

Universal Migrator part I: The Dream Sequencer 2000

Universal Migrator part II: Flight of the Migrator 2000

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