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BRAINSTORM have been around since 1989, back then with Torsten Ihlenfeld (ex-Twilight) and Milan Loncaric (ex-Changes, ex-Twilight) on guitar, Dieter Bernert (ex-Twilight) on drums, Peter Waldstätter on bass and vocalist Stefan Fronk. Their first demo with seven songs, "HAND OF DOOM", was released in 1990 and sold over 1,000 copies! BRAINSTORM played shows with a.o. Stormwitch, Exciter and Rage. In 1991 they appeared on a compilation LP with "Kings, Queens and Sins" and "Law" from the first demo. Also in 1991, Peter left and a couple of weeks later Andreas Mailänder (ex-Toxic Shok) joined the band.

They recorded 11 songs for their second demo "HEART OF HATE" in 1992 with Stefan, but he had to leave and was finally replaced by Marcus Jürgens (ex-Twisted Minds) a few months later. Four of the songs were re-recorded with him, two ("Heart of Hate" and "Valley Of The Kings") appeared on the tape. The third demo "THE FIFTH SEASON" (six songs) was released in 1994 and the German magazine Rock Hard named them Newcomer Of The Month. One song, "Up From The Ashes", appeared on a compilation CD in 1995. BRAINSTORM made their fourth demo tape in 1996, "PROMO '96" and one of the two songs ("Suck My Energy") appeared on another compilation CD.

BRAINSTORM signed with B.O. Records and their first CD "HUNGRY" was released in 1997. They toured with Morgana Lefay and Solitude Aeturnus, and with Skyclad and Maraya and wrote new songs for their second album. "UNHOLY" was released in 1998 and had a much better sound, because they had the opportunity to work with some well known people in the power metal scene: Dirk Schlächter (Gamma Ray), Harald Sprengler (Stormwitch) and famous producer Charlie Bauerfeind (produced a.o. Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray, Virgin Steele, Angra)! Not long after that, Marcus left the band and BRAINSTORM found an excellent replacement in Henne Basse (ex-Powerslave). His first gig was the CD presentation on September 6th. A few weeks later they toured for four weeks with Wicked Angel, Sentenced and Iced Earth. Early 1999 they went to Greece with Labÿrinth.

In March Henne left the band to concentrate on new power metal band Metalium and Brainstorm spent months to find a new singer. They (and Metalium) played at the Wacken Open Air festival that year. Brainstorm brought the very talented Dirk Barron along for the festival, but in the end they decided on Symphorce's frontman Andy B. Franck as a permanent replacement. Andy will continue to sing in Symphorce as well. Brainstorm's third CD "AMBIGUITY" will be released by Metal Blade in May 2000. Among the tourplans for this year is an extended tour in the fall with labelmates Jacobs Dream and Armored Saint!



Track list: 1. Nails In My Hands 2. King Of Fools 3. Innocent Until Caught 4. The Other Side 5. Tomorrow Never Comes 6. Liar's Edge 7. Tell-tale Heart 8. Welcome To The Darkside 9. Bring You Down 10. Deep Down Into Passion 11. Mr. Know-it-all

Notes: Line-up Marcus Jürgens - Vocals, Torsten Ihlenfeld - Guitars, Milan Loncaric - Guitars, Andy Mailänder - Bass, Dieter Bernert - Drums. Additional Backing Vocals by Ralph Scheepers and Lee Tarot, All Keyboards by Torsten Ihlenfeld


Track list: 1. MCMXCVIII 2. Holy War 3. Here Comes The Pain 4. Voices 5. The Healer 6. Don't Stop Believing 7. Heart Of Hate 8. Rebellion 9. For The Love Of Money 10. Love Is A Lie 11. Into The Fire 12. Dog Days Coming Down
Bonus track on some CDs and all CDs in metal box: 13. Wooly Bully. Bonus track on Japanese version: 13. Up From The Ashes

Notes: Line-up: Marcus Jürgens - Vocals, Torsten Ihlenfeld - Guitar, Milan Loncaric - Guitar, Andreas Mailänder - Bass, Dieter Bernert - Drums Additional musicians: Michael "Miro" Rodenberger - keyboards, Uwe Hörmann - guitars, Harald Sprengler - backing vocals


Track list: 1. Crush Depth 2. Tear Down The Walls 3. Beyond My Destiny 4. Arena 5. Coming Closer 6. Darkest Silence 7. Maharaja Palace 8. Far Away 9. Demonsion 10. Lost Unseen 11. Perception Of Life

Notes: Line-up Andy B. Franck - Vocals, Torsten Ihlenfeld - Guitars, Milan Loncaric - Guitars, Andy Mailänder - Bass, Dieter Bernert - Drums. Additional musicians: Michael "Miro" Rodenberger - keyboards, All screams and shouts by the Bloodhound-gang: Torsten I., Andy B., Dirk S., Milan L., Andreas M., Dieter B.

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