Eldritch :


The story of ELDRITCH begins in 1991, when the band arose from the ashes of "Zeus", a hard rock group with a fairly straightforward, American-influenced sound. Soon after taking the name ELDRITCH, the band began to grow into the expressive and technically intricate style they are still developing today.
Their early demo tape "Reflections Of Sadness" was issued to instant critical acclaim, including lead vocalist Terence Holler being named Best Italian Singer by "Flash" magazine.
In 1992, ELDRITCH entered the 24-track Officina studio to record "Quiet Hope" and "Under This Ground", two extremely powerful compositions that ended up landing the band a long-term deal with manager Limb Schnoor's company, Limb Music Products and Publishing (LMP). After adding a keyboard player, another tape entitled "Promo Tracks '93" was produced and promotion by LMP gained the band reviews from the international press, most of them excellent.
The prestigious German magazine "Rock Hard" said, "The heavy and slashy guitar, the powerful double-bass drumming, and the crystal singing show that five pro musicians are at work...this band has got an extraordinary talent... these guys don't need any advice since all their songs are of an amazing high-quality level and the production too is worth a CD...".
"Headbanger's Ball" magazine wrote that the first song alone (the magnificent "Incurably Ill") was worth the 15 DM price of the demo. They also described the style of the band as a very interesting mix of influences such as Dream Theater and Fates Warning, but with a rawer, heavier, more aggressive European sound. Some magazines exclaimed that they had never heard such artistry and professionalism coming from an Italian metal band before. A reviewer from "Mortician" magazine (Netherlands) wrote, "...Their coming from Italy...was really a surprise to me. Excellent progressive power metal bands are also in Europe!"
But the raves for ELDRITCH were not confined to Europe. The echoes of praise for the 6-song "Promo Tracks '93" tape were heard in the U.S.A., Japan, Brazil...and here is just one example, from the U.S. magazine "Sentinel Steel": "The demo is chockfilled with unpredictable twists and turns, further enhanced by a superb production...there's very little to criticize on this tape. Vocalist Terence Holler is just outstanding, a master of the mike; sole guitarist Eugene Simone is a virtuoso on his instrument...the lyrics about the Mafia, Catholic church, drunk driving and much more are all intelligently done...this is a great tape of progressive metal over 30 minutes in length!"
As the buzz surrounding ELDRITCH became impossible to ignore, several European record labels expressed interest in the band. And so in September of 1994 the five members returned to Officina Studios to record the 10 songs that became "Seeds Of Rage", with the help of two of Italy's best sound engineers. While four of these songs were already known to fans, having appeared on the demo tape, the other 6 were brand new. All of the songs of course display the unique ELDRITCH style, comprising heavy, clean and acoustic guitars; intriguing piano parts and keyboard solos; melodic, charismatic vocals; and complex bass and drum rhythms. Combining with this massive mix is an intelligent lyrical approach, that includes both personal introspection and social commentary.
When at last the band sorted through all of the offers that had come in late 1994, ELDRITCH signed a licensing deal for the European market with the German independent label Inside Out Music. The CNR/Arcade label also picked the band up for a license release in France, and Marquee/Belle Antique Records signed them for the Japanese market. "Seeds Of Rage" was released throughout Europe on May 2, 1995, and ELDRITCH has not rested since.
A band that spends much of its time composing, rehearsing and recording, ELDRITCH managed to play some live shows in Italy in 1995, including a special appearance as the guest of ANGRA at the Factory club in Milano. In 1996 they debuted new material to live audiences in Italy and France, but have kept their focus on creating a second masterpiece in the form of "Headquake".



Track listing: 1. Incurably Ill (6:42) - 2. Under This Ground (4:58) - 3. Chains
(5:12) - 4. Cage Of Sins (4:49) - 5. Colors (6:15) - 6. The Deaf And The Blind (4:00) - 7.
Ultimate Solution (5:19) - 8. I Don't Know Why (4:41) - 9. Chalice Of Insanity (3:38) - 10. Blind Promise (5:18)


Track listing: 1. Ghoulish Gift (6:52) - 2. The Last Embrace (6:42) - 3. Lord Of An Empty Place (5:28) - 4. Sometimes In Winter (6:18) - 5. At The Restless Sea (7:02) - 6. Salome's Dance (5:27) - 7. Erace (6:08) - 8. The Quest(ion) (5:28) - 9. Clockwork Bed (5:29) - 10. Dawn Of The Dying (6:29) Japanese release includes bonus track 11. Walking Alone (4:02)

EL NINO 1998

Track listing: 1. Fall From Grace (2:03) - 2. No Direction Home (7:02) - 3. Heretic Beholder (5:02) - 4. Scar (4:24) - 5. Bleed Mask Bleed (4:35) - 6. The Last Days Of The Year (4:29) - 7. From Dusk Till Dawn (5:35) - 8. To Be Or Not To Be (God) (7:11) - 9. El Nino (5:35)

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