band members: Dan Zimmerman (d), Chris Bay (v,g), Sascha Gerstner (g), Ilker Ersin (b)


Freedom Call was formed in early 1998 and hail from Germany. The band was put together by Chris Bay and Dan Zimmerman. Later in the year Ilker Ersin (who had played with Bay in another band) and Sascha Gerstner joined. With the lineup complete, they went into the studio to began work on "Stairway to Fairyland". The album was released in May 1999 and the band had it's live debut touring in support of Angra and Edguy.
Freedom Call is currently working on a new album. The album "Crystal Empire" should be released in October. The tracks are "Freedom Call", "Palace of Fantasy", "Farewell", "Call of Fame", "Pharaoh", "Rise up", "Heart of the Rainbow", "Carry On", "Oceans of time", The Quest", "Desire"... This album will also feature guest vocalists peforming on choir arrangements.

The Tale of Taragon: Ice - cold darkness covers the barren land, which was once the blossom of life. Depressing silence has taken it's reign, the wheels of time are standing still and the flame of all life seems to have gone out. A hand full of ragged, gaunt shapes roam through impenetrable and never - ending shady forests, being incessently drawn to the deepest depths by their tremendous claws. In a ducked posture they wade the labyrinths of fear, that try to devour their souls.
They are the last survivors of the people of Taragon, once the rulers of a proud and glowing empire, that was haunted by the legions of darkness, which has now been totally destroyed. Being robbed of their homes, they wander aimlessly through the dark, with nothing more, than their memories of glorious days.
Strolling down dangerous paths after many moons, they meet the legendary heralds of light, riding their migthy horses surrounded by an aura of warmth, accompanied by wind and fire. The son of all light the heralds announce, will one day be delivered and a glowing star shall appear, leading the way to a fertile land of harmony, that lies beyond all horizons. They foretell a long journey of sacrifice, harm and fear, through void and darkness, followed by the hordes of evil.
Somewhere in the boundless land of lost souls, they must find the stairway and there at the end should be the gate to enter in to the new world.
The ruby of Taragon, the holy stone, the lifeline of their empire, which the wise man kept for generations, that saved them from the legions of evil, is unfolding his magical powers. He tells a fortune to the people of Taragon. In this vision they see an oasis of peace, giving a feeling of warmth and security, that flows through their veins and warm winds tell stories of freedom and brotherhood. A hand of laughter spreads before them and they feel the breeze of life on their skin. In the blink of a moment they look into shiny warm eyes, but immediately this vision becomes hazy and slowly fades away.
Following the prophecies the heralds foretold, with courage and hope in their hearts, the people of Taragon make their way, in pursuit of the promised land.



Track listing: Over the Rainbow, Tears Falling, Fairyland, Shine On, We Are One, Hymn to the Brave, Tears of Taragon, Graceland, Holy Knight, Another Day, Kingdom Come.


Track listing: unknown

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