Hammerfall: left to right Stefan Elmgren (g), Oscar Dronjak (g,v), Joacim Cans (v), Anders Johanssen (d), Magnus Rosen (b)


Hammerfall was formed in 1993 by Oscar Dronjak and Jesper Stromblad after they left the death metal band Ceremonial Oath. At first Hammerfall was to be a project band since both Oscar and Jesper were in other bands. Oscar was in In Flames and Jesper in Crystal Age. They were joined by Niklas Sundin (g), Mikael Stanne (v), and Johan Larsson (b) they too were in other bands.

The goal of this early Hammerfall was to get together a few times a year, rehearse and participate in their local music competition (Rockslaget). As time went on Sundin and Larsson were replaced by Glenn Ljungstrom (In flames) and Fredrik Larsson (Crystal Age).

In 1996, for the first time, Hammerfall reached the semi final of Rockslaget. However singer Mikael Stanne was going to be on tour with his band Dark Tranquility and wouldn't be able to perform with Hammerfall. They soon found singer Joacim Cans who quickly became a permanent member. Hammerfall however didn't reach the finals of Rockslaget, but they did get noticed by Vic Records and were offered a deal. During the summer and fall Hammerfall began working on material that would soon become their first album "Glory to the Brave".

In 1997 Nuclear Blast Records took interest in Hammerfall and through licensing with Vic Records released "Glory to the Brave. Nuclear Blast also signed Hammerfall to a four album deal beginning with their next album. Jesper and Glenn decided to leave Hammerfall and concentrate on In flames. They were replaced by Patrik Rafling (d) and Stefan Elmgren (g). Fredrik Larsson (b) also decided to leave but would wait until a permanent replacement could be found. In May 97 Nuclear Blast had Hammerfall record two videos in order to promote the band. By this time Hammerfall found their new bass player in Magnus Rosen.

"Glory to the Brave" received raving reviews and a few awards. In August Hammerfall began its first tour in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands as a co-headliner with Raven. They toured extensively in most Western Europe countries. By the end of the year a CD single for "Glory to the Brave" was released in the US and Japan.

In early 1998 Hammerfall started the year off with a mini headlining tour of Belgium and the Netherlands. Followed by a few shows in Sweden. In February the band began work on their next album. In April recording is begun. Within the next couple of months "Legacy of Kings" is released. This album shows more maturity in both music and song writing. In August the single Heeding the Call is released. The bands plays numerous metal festival all over Europe during the summer months.

In 1999 a new EP "I Want Out" is released. This EP features an excellent cover of Rainbow's classic Man on the Silver Mountain.

At this time that's all the information available on Hammerfall. More will be forth coming...


GLORY TO THE BRAVE 1997 Debut album

Track listing: The Dragon Lies Bleeding, The Metal Age, Hammerfall, I Believe, Child of the Damned, Steel Meets Steel, Stone Cold, Unchained, Glory To The Brave.

Glory to the Brave is superb. Hammerfall is definitely a band to be reckoned with. Best tracks are The Metal Age, Hammerfall, Steel meets Steel, Stone Cold, and the title track.


Track listing: Glory to the Brave (radio edit), Ravenlord (Stormwitch cover), The Metal Age (live at Wacken '97), Glory to the Brave (album edit)...

Great EP. Great cover of Ravenlord. Live version of The Metal Age kicks ass.


Track listing: Heeding The Call (Templar edit), Eternal Dark (Picture cover), The Metal Age (Live), Steel Meets Steel (Live), Stone Cold (Live)...

Great EP. Hammerfall's cover of the Picture song Eternal Dark kick serious ass.


Track listing: Heeding the Call, Legacy of Kings, Let the Hammer Fall, Dreamland, Remember Yesterday, At the End of the Rainbow, Back to Back, Stronger Than All, Warriors of Faith, The Fallen One...

This album kicks some serious ass. It starts of strong and finishes strong. Hammerfall just keeps getting better. Best tracks are, well-- hell-- all of them.


Track listing: I Want Out (With Kai Hansen), At The End Of The Rainbow, Man On The Silver Mountain (Rainbow cover), Glory To The Brave (video)...

Great EP. Hammerfall's version of Rainbow classic Man On The Silver Mountain is excellent. Plus Glory To The Brave video is really cool.

RENEGADE 2000 5 stars

Track listing: 1. Templars Of Steel 2. Keep The Flame Burning 3. Renegade 4. Living In Victory 5. Always Will Be 6. The Way Of The Warrior 7. Destined For Glory 8. The Champion 9. Raise The Hammer inst. 10. A Legend Reborn

Notes: My friend at Dynasty Music has a promo copy and I got to hear it, and it's excellent. It's probably going to be their best...

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