Metal Temple
Welcome to the official site of the one and only Metal channel on GRNET.


#Metal_Temple is the result of all the old metal channels of GRNET UNITED. One night we sat by the fire, we gave the holy name of it.. METAL_TEMPLE.. and we praise our music whenever we can. Above all we are good friends. If you want to be a part of this fellowship please feel free to join!!

In order to visit #Metal_Temple you must have mIRC, Pirch or any other IRC client.
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   Our server is and then /JOIN #METAL_TEMPLE
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So if you want to be one of them come to our channel stay for a while... and then send a text file with your nick name, your e-mail, your city and your real name!! Come on join us!!!!!! Our fight for true metal will never end!! 
If you have comments, suggestions or even complaints drop me a mail at 
This channel exists thanks to the following people: SLAYER_ARDAS, Hunter, Invader, Ozzy66, Defender and Angrafan.
The founders of Metal Temple are two - SLAYER_ARDAS and Defender. If you have any problems let them know.

The site is composed by BLiTzER and Defender who created most of the pages (I just reconstructed the site as far as the graphics and its structure are concerned). I should finish what BLiTzER left unfinished and, that is, to erase every Manowar-ish word or image but, if I do that, my life is in danger! Ha ha!

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Metal Meeting (Click here on the skull in order to get information about the channels forthcoming meetings) 
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