Interview with Thomas Youngblood (guitar) from Kamelot:
Conducted by Erlend

01 - Kamelot is one of my newly discovered medieval fantasy power metal
bands. Could you present the band and your concept/visions whatever?

We started in 1992 in Tampa Florida. We were inspired by local bands like
Savatage and Crimson Glory. Our songs had a medieval feel so we decided to
call the group Camelot. I thought we should spell it with a K just to be
different. We wanted to explore different styles within the Metal genre and
always grow with every release.

02 - Your newest album sounds a lot more like pure power metal compared to
your more progressive previous releases IMO... had this anything to do with
the vocalist change?

Not really. We thought after the last release that we needed to have a
heavier sound and more speed. The new drummer let us write faster songs and
more variants in the timing.

03 - When you look back on your previous releases, how do you like them
compared to your new masterpiece? What's your favourite/least favourite

This is my favorite by far. It is what I envisioned for us all along. The
production is top notch and the songs are all strong. We were able to use
real string sections and guest musicians. This record will make a statement
for us. My least favorite is Dominion. There was a lot of turmoil in the
group and the production was rushed.

04 - What band would you say have inspired you most musically?

Definitely Iron Maiden. I was a huge Iron Maiden fan up until Seventh Son.
Also groups like Priest, Crimson Glory, Queensryche.

05 - And what inspires you when you write the lyrics?

Life. It sounds corny but the funnest thing for me is to write about current
events and life and base them in a medieval environment. Spirituality is a
big inspiration for as well. I believe in different concepts of balance in

06 - What is your view on religion and such matters? Are anybody in the band
religious at all?

For me religion is a big crutch for people. In America the people are going
through a spiritual renaissance. At some point in a persons life they find
out that the big house and expensive car does not make them happy. And they
search for the meaning of life. Once a person realizes that the simple things
in life are important then they begin to experience real happiness. Too many
are made in the name of God. And that is sad.

07 - And the best metal bands ever would be..?

Well, I think there are so many. Its impossible to say one or two are the
best. There are so many different styles of Metal too. For me Iron maiden and
Queensryche stand out.

08 - Do you guys read any much litterature? In that case, what writers are
your favourite ones?

We all read different books. I know Khan likes Steinbeck and some Norwegian
writers. I like Shakespeare.

09 - Tell me something about your next album! Have you started writing any
material for the next album? And is there a release date yet? How will the
music be like?

It will be a concept album. We will write a book and base the album or albums
on it. It will be Epic.

10 - I will name a few bands, and if you don't mind, please write your
opinions of each one of them:

Blind Guardian
Great band, they are taking Metal to the highest level and inspiring many

This band has raised the bar for Metal. Taking symphonic metal to a new
height. Luca Turilli is a friend of mine and he is also a cool person.

Judas Priest
One of my old favorites. They opened the doors for so many.

Iron Maiden
Well as I said , this group is why I started playing guitar.

Yngwie Malmsteen
Changed the way modern guitar is to be played. I still consider Yngwie the
best Metal guitarist alive.

11 - Are any of the Kamelot members involved with any side projects or
anything? Solo albums?

We all have outside interests, but our focus for the next year is only on

12 - Thanks for the interview! Is there any comments you would like to add?

Thanks to all the Kamelot fans that have supported us in Scandinavian and the
world. We hope you enjoy "The Fourth Legacy" as much as we did making it!!