Interview wth Timo Kotipelto, the vocalist of Stratovarius
conducted by Erlend

Stratovarius is often reffered to as "the pride of Finland". What is your comment on this statement? Do you agree?

I honored if somebody thinks like that. At least Iīm proud to be a Finn!

Who thought of the name Stratovarius really? Has it got anything to do with the violin?

I guess it was our previous drummer Tuomo Lassila. Yes, itīs a combination between Stradivarius (the violin) and Fender Stratocaster (the guitar brand).

About your next album; Can you give us a hint of how it will be like? Will it be in the usual Stratovarius style, or are you gonna add some other elements to it?

It will be of course our style. I think the songs are a bit faster and even heavier than on Destiny. On the other hand thereīs gonna be two epic songs on the album. And also some songs from Jens or me.

What are your musical inspirations?

I used to listen to the bands like Deep Purple, Iron Maiden and Rainbow. I guess thatīs it.

What is your impression of all your releases? Which one is your favourite, which is the least favourite etc?

They all have their hightlights. I canīt say what is the best album. If I think about my singing I think I sing a lot better nowadays...

And the best metal album ever, what would that be?

Queensryche: Operation Mindcrime

What is your personal opinion on the metal scene nowadays?

Itīs good and getting better. Especially here in Finland. I think that the level of finnish metal bands is very good!

What do you think of black and death metal?

I donīt listen to them.

Do you have any contact with other Finnish bands such as Children of Bodom or Nightwish?

I know the guys from Bodom and they are very nice. I also have friends in Waltari, Amorphis and Sentenced.

What are your religious views? Do you believe in destiny?

Not really. I think you can effect your "destiny" by your own actions.

Have any of the band members planned on releasing any solo album?

Tolkki will for sure. I am planning to do my solo aswell. Letīs see. Jens of course is releasing his projects every other month....;)

Anything else you want to add? Any comments?

Well, right now Iīm recording the vocals for the new album. So far everythings been more than okay thatīs why I have a very good feeling about the forthcoming album. Wait until the end of February 2000 and you will hear the result!!!

Thanks for the interview!

All the best, Timo Kotipelto.