reviewed by Erlend

Many people will say that this is Blind Guardan's best release to now... and I can't argue! The album contains 22 songs (where 11 of them are really short interludes), so there are only 11 "real" songs on it. It's a concept album, based on the book "The Silmarillion" by J.R.R.Tolkien.

It is not easy describing how awesome, and what emotions some of the songs give me, like the melodic and beautiful "Nightfall", maybe the best song on the cd, only beaten by the bombastic and powerful "Mirror Mirror". Oh my God what an awesome song this really is. It IS the best Blind Guardan song ever, and it IS on the top 3 list of my alltime favourite metal songs. Even though all the other songs sucked, this album would be worth to buy, only because of the fantastic agression and melodies of "Mirror Mirror". But let's move on...

"Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill)" (Warning: Cheesy song name) is also totally awesome. The chorus is simply genious on this song. Another fantastic song is "When Sorrow Sang", the most agressive and powerful on the album (yet also melodic) maybe.

Overall "Nightfall in Middle-Earth" is a genious album. Everything rules about it (except for the fact that I have to skip every other track), there is simply not one bad song! Buy or die!

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