reviewed by Erlend

Blind Guardian's 3rd album, and a little revolution for them... On their two first album they just played thrashy power metal, but on Tales From the Twilight World , Blind Guardian developed their own style - kind of fantasy/speed/power metal.

Tales From the Twilight World contains several classics such as Welcome to Dying, Lord of the Rings, Lost in the Twilight Hall and The Last Candle. Kai Hansen (metal king) from Gamma Ray and ex-Helloween member, takes part in Lost in the Twilight Hall, where he in a little part of the song (from 1:29 to 1:55) sings kind of a duet with Hansi. He has a really amazing voice, by the way.

You can say that this album was Blind Guardian's breakthrough, and it is in my CD-player constantly. Great album, go get it now people!

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