reviewed by Erlend

Gamma Ray, with ex-Helloween guitarist/vocalist Kai Hansen is one of the best heavy/power metal band of the 90's. Somewhere Out in Space from 1997 is an amazing album, from the beginning to the end. The cheese-factor is pretty high (if you know what I mean); Very happy/cheerful songs, but that's what power metal is all about, isn't it?

The album contains 15 great songs, where 3 of them are short interludes, and the last song "Return To Fantasy" (bonus track) is an Uriah Heep cover.

My favourite songs are the opening track "Beyond the Black Hole", "Somewhere Out in Space" - simply incredible, my favourite off the cd maybe. This one has Helloween written all over it, and I think I can even hear some Blind Guardian moments in it (?), "Valley of the Kings" and "The Winged Horse".

If you like Helloween, Blind Guardian, Angra and Blind Guardian, you WILL like this. Recommended for all heavy/power metal fans.

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