reviewed by Erlend

This is a band who have played rock'n'roll, heavy metal, glam metal and on Painkiller ended up on power metal. Even though the title track sounds very thrashy, the rest of the cd is pure power metal (with some thrash elements in some songs). They use of course tons of double bass drums, and I think that this album undoubtfully has been a big inspiration for many of the new new metal bands.

The best songs are the title track (totally awesome solo!), though Rob's voice is very cheesy on this one, "Hell Patrol" , "Leather Rebel", "Night Crawler", "Between the Hammer and the Anvil" and "One Shot at Glory". Ok, so I just mentioned over half the cd, but I can't help it; I love all the songs! Every single one of the songs contains at LEAST one awesome riff.

This cd is essential for any kind of metal fan, so you *must* get it!

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