Majestic - Abstract Symphony

A nice mix between Yngwie Malmsteen , Stratovarius and Symphony X is what Majestic plays. This album is filled with nice riffs, played in a very good kind of power/neoclassical metal style.

There are some negative things though, sometimes is sounds like a Yngwie Malmsteen ripoff, like on "Black Moon Rising". That riff is just so EXTREMELY like Yngwie's "Deja Vu" that I sometimes start to wonder...

This cd kind of changes from being pure classical-inspired power metal ("Golden Sea", "Crimson Sun", "Nitro Pitbull" - which sounds like a classic Stratovarius riff), to being pure Yngwie/Europe kind of neoclassical hardrock ("Ceasefire", "Seekers Battlefield").

Though they might be not too original, the music rules... Hence, go get it!

Reviewed by Erlend