reviewed by Erlend

This band really got potential! It's not just ordinary power metal, but a lot of 80's heavy metal elements are also added. In many ways this album is a lot like Judas Priest's Painkiller album. Some songs also sound a bit rock'n'roll like too - I think I can hear some Dio here, especially in "Save a Prayer"-, and some are somewhat thrashy (like Into the Future).

The best songs are "Final Embrace", "Under Your Spell", "Play to Kill", "Fight to Survive" and "Hatred in my Soul". Also a cover of Rainbow's "Kill the King" is here, and IMO they made a really good cover of it.

Overall, this is a really great album, especially for those who like 80's metal, and if you like Painkiller, you'll most likely love this album.

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