TORMENTOR - "Recipe Ferrum"
(avantgarde) (by Lampros Katsakioris)
Hungarian Tormentor are really well-known to the black metal fans, because their singer(Attila) had song in the legendary "De mysteriis..."(Mayhem). They had released some demos, which made a good impression in the uderground. Their only official release is "Anno Domini", which contains the demo songs. However, the first full album of Tormentor is a fact. It is titled "Recipe Ferrum!". The album is really good, but very strange too. First of all, it is not black metal at all!!! I would say that it is a mixture of atmospheric death metal with hard rock with a dosage of paranoia. Some riffs remind hard rock bands, like Whitesnake. It is a completely insane album. Take, for example, the remix of a song("Hany istok"). There are sounds of bubbles, just like the group is playing underwater. Ufortunatelly, one song, "A hetszunya kaponyanyi monyok" crosses the border of seriousness. In fact, it's rediculous. It's certain that you are really confused, but you will understand when you listen to it... Personally, I loved it.