A | Aiumeen Basoa
Style : Pagan/Folk Metal
Status: Unknown
Country : Spain (Basque Country)
Band Members [Last known Line-up]:
Beleak - Guitars, Vocals
Mikelot - Guitars, Vocals
Herio - Keyboards
Egoitz - Bass, Keyboards
Belanoitz - Drums
Aitor - Violin
Ibone - Vocals
Paul - Txirula
Aiumeen Basoa was founded in 1994 with the following members: Egoitz (bass, manuals), Beleak (guitar, voice), Mikelot (guitar, voice), and Belainotz (drums). Later joined the band Paul (wind instruments), Herio (key board), Ibone (voice), and Aitor (violin). Aiumeen Basoa gives importance to the mythology of its land, Euskal Herria (Basque Country), which is full of legends such the ones dealing the Akelarres or with the burning of the so-called witches in bonfires. It all influences both the lyrics and musical direction of the band.

The Symbol from the logo is a Ancient Basque prehistoric symbol which stands for the Moving Sun.

Triarchy of Vasconia

2000: War Is Imminent

2001: Donosti Rock

1. Sua
2. Akelarreko Batzarra
3. Iluno

Aiumeen Basoa:
4. Intro (Sorrera)
5. Aintzinako Guduen Oroimenak
6. Aiumeen Basoa (Arlekina)

7. Intro
8. Itsasoaren Nigarra
9. Orreaga (instrumental)

(split CD featuring 3 Pagan bands)

2005 Gathering of Clans
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