E | Einherjer
Style : Viking Metal
Status: Disbanded [1993 - 2004]
Country : Sweden
Band Members :
Frode Glesnes - Guitars & Vocals
Aksel Herløe - Guitars
Gerhard Storesund - Drums

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The intention and the goal as musicians has always been to try to capture the atmosphere and the feeling there is to Norse mythology , combined with the intensity of heavy metal music . Therefore we label Einherjer's music as Viking Metal . Einherjer have with their new album "Norwegian Native Art" moved to a more different musical landscape where the dismal and agressive atmosphere are conspicuous. The production is grimmer than ever and positively reeks of raw energy.  In 2004, Einherjer disbanded feeling they had accomplished what they wanted and wishing to pursue other interests.

The name:
Einherjar (or Einheriar) referred to the spirits of warriors who had died bravely in battle. Half of them were escorted from the battlefield after dying by the Valkyries (these are what is referred to as "einherjar"); the other half went to Sessrumnir, Freya's hall. The einherjar live on in Valhalla. During Ragnarok, Odin will call up the Einherjar to fight the frost giants.

Aurora Borealis

EP - 1994

1. De Sorte Sjøers Land
2. Aurora Borealis
3. Witchking
4. Einherjre

Leve Vikingånden

EP - 1995

1. Når Hammeren Heves
2. Når Aftensolen Rinner

Dragons of the North


1. Dragons Of The North
2. Dreamstorm
3. Forever Empire
4. Conquerer
5. Fimbul Winter
6. Storms Of The Elder
7. Slaget Ved Hafrsfjord
8. Ballad Of The Swords

Far Far North

EP - 1997

1. Far Far North
2. Naar Hammeren Heves
3. Naar Aftensolen Rinner

Odin Owns Ye All


1. Leve Vikingeaanden
2. Out Of Ginnungagap
3. Clash Of The Elder
4. Odin Owns Ye All
5. Remember Tokk
6. Home
7. The Pathfinder & The Prophetess
8. Inferno
9. A New Earth

Norwegian Native Art


1. Wyrd Of The Dead
2. Doomfaring
3. Hugin's Eyes
4. Burning Yggdrasil
5. Crimson Rain
6. Howl Ravens Come
7. Draconian Umpire
8. Regicide



1. Einherjermarsjen
2. Ironbound
3. Dead Knight's Rite
4. Wolf-Age
5. The Eternally Damned
6. Ware Her Venom
7. Hammar Haus
8. Starkad
9. Ride The Gallows
10. Ingen Grid
11. Berserkergang
12. Venomtongue

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